Splashscreens for Galileo

Here are a couple of splashscreens I made whilst creating the wallpaper for the Galileo release.
To install copy to /home/USERNAME/.local/share/plasma/look-and-feel/

(I need to update the preview for the top one still as it only has the background image in it)


Very nice looking thanks

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Thank you! I’m going to use it on my machine (computing for astronomy) named Galileo :smiley:

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Fantastic !

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I just realised I had already updated it, sorry for any confusion. I just had an older version on mine.

I like the top wallpaper as well! Also, I hope we all can enjoy smokey’s contributions for a while here on EndeavourOS, officially and unofficially. :crossed_fingers: :heart_eyes:


Thanks, I’m going to upload links in the next couple of days to some similar but alternative wallpapers.


An alternative version of one of the above Splashscreens with a bigger logo and a bit more transparency


Not a Galileo splash just one I put together for my current desktop (I like having the same wallpaper on everything) will probably change this one up a bit more later when I get back home to make the logo not go fully opaque. Also did a minor update on all the above ones and tidied up the names a bit removing the dashes.



One with a more transparent logo
(If you want to use it with a different background just replace the file named background under contents/splash/images)

So quickly did up one with a blank background for people like me who may want to change the image for aesthetics as it saves me a lot of time and will allow you to also make your own

(same steps as above just replace the background image if you use a format other than jpg you will also have to edit spash.qml to point to the correct file otherwise just rename)