Single client for telegram whatsapp slack discord

i am unable to reopen the solved topic and hence this separate post.

Update: Just now Ferdi stopped working. I thought this was something to do with my updates and system specific. Then i got a mail from AUR about the same issue.

The search for alternate is on.

Ferdi is dead. From what I understand their lead dev has nuked the entire project which includes it’s github, website and twitter.

Try tangram. Open source and looks like a good alternative…unlike rambox.


Might be possible to setup as a webapp using Gnome Web. I know it works for a lot of services minus Steam Chat which I can’t get to work in any browser anymore for voice chat.

You can setup a webapp shortcut that launches in gnome web with all the chats in different tabs. Might be possible with Firefox too with some hackery considering they dropped web app support

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their website is redirecting to rambox :grinning:

man, it works likes charm. thanks a lot.

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how to remove ferdi. The below does not work

$ yay -Rdnss ferdi
error: target not found: ferdi

It should be either ferdi-git or ferdi-bin .

ah, what a dummy i am. got it.

seems ferdi has got a hard fork minus the unwanted old owner. i got notified by AUR mailing list on this. it is called Ferdium

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