Single client for Telegram, Whatsapp, Slack, Discord

Which client do you prefer for for Telegram, Whatsapp, Slack, Discord. I was using Rambox soon it became more annoying than convenient. Do you have any good freeware suggestion.

It is OK if we have more than one client.

I use Matrix (Element Desktop) and take advantage of our bridges to different service like Telegram, Signal and Slack for example.

our ? Are you involved in the project ?

No not involved. We have a server for our country which has some bridges available to use.

Can you brief a little bit more on how EOS users can get one. For example, i am from India.

In that case, how about using whatever is the official client. for whatsapp. Discord app (or web). Telegram app (or web). Not sure about offerings from Slack, but it can also run in the web browser most probably.

Since the web browser is open almost all times when I’m using my system, I just open tabs and pin them :slight_smile:


Unofficial discord clients are against ToC. I don’t know your views on it, but letting you know, just in case.

what i meant by more than one client is we could have a client for telegram & whatsapp and another for discord & slack … like that.

I get the idea of keeping open all the tabs all the time. Sometimes, they keep me distracted throughout the day … which i don’t want.

also i dont want to scratch my head on what was the password on the other hand.

as i mentioned earlier rambox was OK, soon it started to become a bane on each upgrade.

Ferdi works somewhat similar to rambox.

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This is what i am talking about man. Looks impressive. Will try it.

Update: Just now Ferdi stopped working. I thought this was something to do with my updates and system specific. Then i got a mail from AUR about the same issue.

The search for alternate is on.

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