Since grub issue extremely slow boots on encrypted btrfs systems

I have 3 computers, and all were setup at different times using this guide:

All have samsung ssds in them and bootup from putting in encryption password to login prompt was a matter of 10 seconds at most, now it is over a minute, and for my 2 slower machines multiple minutes. During this time disk activity is pegged (hard drive light is solid the whole time).

Doing some searching I couldn’t find others that have the problem, but it’s quite annoying when rebooting or turning on from an off state, any suggestions?

You are the second person to report this. The other person did not find a solution yet it seems.

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A quick forum search for slow boot encrypted btrfs shows this thread:

I just now can’t venture to think, what a full-blown web-search for these (or similar) keywords might eventually come up with.


wow, that’s pretty poopie of a response.

If you read what I wrote I said that I have had no issues at all with this setup on 3 separate machines since the latest grub fiasco. So I’m not just searching for in general slow booting, my booting was fine up until the latest grub thing that seemed to have changed something. Thought I would throw that out there as I was searching for things that would have happened within the last couple weeks with other people.

Which version of grub do you have installed? The latest grub-something-4 is supposed to solve the slow boot some people have had complaints about.

Sorry for my being harsh, somewhat?

It hasn’t helped the encryption issue for others.

It’s cool, I can see how it could have looked like how you thought it did.

I’m experiencing the issue on the latest ( grub-install (GRUB) 2:2.06.r322.gd9b4638c5-4 )

It probably makes sense to deal with this in just one thread, so anyone else coming across this feel free to pop over here: LUKS slow early boot

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For further discussion of this issue please use the topic referenced above.