Shows me two different cursor theme(some situation)?

I always see two different cursors(Is this a normal thing?) but I like it to be only one cursor theme
A small gif to let you guys understand:

Peek 2022-08-03 10-43

Is anyone here to guide me?

What happens after reboot?

This is one of my biggest bug bears in linux - why can we not have a consistent cursor theme, without changing endless (mild exaggeration!) config files?

At work, so on a Winblows machine, but you need to change:

  • GTK2 config
  • GTK3 config
  • GTK4 config
  • Possibly .Xresources
  • And KDE Plasma settings.

Then you will have nirvana :rofl:

On KDE Plasma cursors are more or less consistent between GTK and Qt programs, it’s enough to change one setting to take effect for 99% of programs.

With other DEs your mileage may vary.

what is the theme you are presently using? (pointing at different things can change the icon depending on what you could do with those things, hence pointing at a tab, or desktop, or border are all different as each has a different action a click etc would do - hence the question about what mouse theme you’re using, pls post a screen shot of the theme and its icons, ta.).

this is my cursor theme and global theme:

global theme:

icons theme that I am using:

sorry for the late response

nothing :sweat_smile: