Show your battlestations

It is a combo desk - the base is from perhaps the 1920s (owned by a famous(?) geography professor) - and the top section is built (by me) from an international shipping crate of some strange Indonesian-sourced plywood, with pine facing strips. Quite a beast when put together with two Commodore(!) 2-drawer file cabinets!

hardware visible: (L to R)
Amiga A2500/030
cheap Amp … under
28" monitor
1200x1600 monitor (didn’t measure)
Corsair K68 keyboard
UPS under desk
RGB fan system, AMD Ryzen 7 3700x
Plain system, AMD Ryzen 5 2400G (w External drive atop)
Brother laser, scanner, copier etc

Unseen in same room:
PC mid-tower circa 1998 (white)
PC Full tower circa 2000 (white)
PC full tower circa 2003 (white)
PC mid-tower Intel build circa 2007 (black)
PC mid-tower AMD build circa 2012 (black) w TV
C128D (separate keyboard, drive built in)
Amiga A1000 (looks like above)

Good things it’s a rec room to hold all that!


What is that beautiful old hardware to the left with the two internal floppy drives and the external floppy drive sitting on top of it?

That is the Amiga A2500/030 (68030 powered/ 7 Meg (!) RAM, 200 meg harddrive) with a transfer drive that can read/write PC hi capacity floppies sitting on top. I only wish I had gone for a LAN card at the time - I was using serial technology for net access in those days…:frowning_face:


Battle station. Itchy dog included.

And a close up of the “rig.” Please note the stellar wire management. There’s zero.


Thank you kindly, Lady Janinah. Photos don’t do it justice, it’s actually a weird mix of Orange, Mustard and Yellow, a bit of everybody without being any of it. :no_mouth:

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They are great, aren’t they? I wouldn’t need anything different if it wasn’t for playing in Second Life.

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My side of the desk. A bit messy, but not nearly as bad as wifey’s. :sweat_smile:


So this happened today:
Too bad only 1 of my 2 ram stick got delivered, apparently they made a mistake, and the other one is coming tomorrow


Well it’s AMD so you can get away with 1 stick if needed.

Yeah but I paid for two when I ordered everything :wink:

Still wondering if I should upgrade the stock Wraith cooler…
for now it seems to be doing fine

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Just saying you can put it together and then when you get the other stick shut it down and add it unlike Intel based.

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Those are actually pretty capable for a stock system. You were also wise in that case selection as it has excellent airflow+cable management options. So you should be fine.


yeah, wiped off that cheap compound they put on in the factory, and I’ve treated it to some good old Arctic Silver

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Is it Kingston nvme?

If so, and you have something valuable on your system that you’re store there - make backups regularly.
Kingston drives are real :ox: :poop: and might die very fast and in a not nice fashion, if you’re not lucky.

So…Just be cautious with that info :upside_down_face:


I have an 18TB synology NAS, where I back up my most important stuff…
Also have 100GB cloud storage for offsite backups :grinning:

didn’t know that about Kingston though :roll_eyes:


I’m with you on this. Kingston for a USB key is one thing, A SSD simply no in my book. Like your graphical representation of a cow pie. OOPs can I say cow pie? Oh well I’ve said it twice now. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


That might be my extreme bad luck, but each time i try some RAM (on cheaper and not important systems than my main one), they are…Well let’s say very chinese, in a sense that actual chips may be not at all what they’re saying, on same RAM chips may be even physically different…

And long term storage they just usually die very fast.

So personally i don’t trust them at all and wouldn’t advise to a friend, just very bad rep sadly…

Btw that explains very low prices, ain’t it? :laughing:

Oldie but a goodie that arctic-silver. Just remember that it is capacitive and don’t get it on a resistor accidentally. Personally I use MX-4. Just remember to keep that system running for a while as Artic-Silver has a curing period. :+1:


That is actually good to know!
Well it’ll be busy a while now…
Even though I don’t game very often, I installed steam, and I’m download a lot of games now, to put the system to the test later this day.

Borderlands 3 is the most recent game I own, so I’m curious how well she’ll do on that one

Yeah, it was surprisingly cheap for a 1Tb drive…