Show your battlestations

nice… I thought about xps 13 but work give me 16" so i buy a Pinebook Pro for fun … I :heart: itimage


I really like the looks of the newer XPS laptops… sadly I’ve been reading a lot of horror stories about faulty units and Dell customer service…

Yours doing allright?

Was thinkin about Pinebook Pro, But I allready have 3 pc’s, 2 laptops and 7 single board computers…
It’s getting out of hand :joy:


know the feeling…

Price is also holding me back on the Pinebook Pro… I think including import taxes’s around 280 euro’s…
I think I’ll wait until there’s a more powerfull arm-based laptop available at a decent price point…

Maybe with apple now switching to ARM, that other manufacturers will also shift gears

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I also wait for apple arm … very interested.

Pinebook Pro powerful enough for most day stuff . Plus it battery last me over 9 hours and light like feather :+1:

Now I see why you needed that ethernet switch. Must be one hell of a LAN party, no? :joy:


Only a few free ports left :sweat_smile:
But yeah, the NAS already takes 2 ports, there are 2 pi-holes, a Wireless Access Point, some cables going to the living room for my tv, media receiver and consoles, there are the other SBC’s I like to toy with, and then the pc’s… So yeah… ports got filled quickly :slight_smile:

probably gonna put my old switch in the living room, so only one cable has to go there…



Shelves have arrived :slight_smile:
While I was busy I also gave the old desk a second (well probably more like 4th) lease on life, by applying some black woodgrain vinyl foil on the old worn surface.

Got rid of the Gundams as well, gonna put them on a seperate display in the near future :slight_smile:

All in all I’m quite happy!



My EndeavourOS Arm setup was getting a little out of hand. So I built a Raspberry Pi 4b caddy to organize things. To save space with the USB SSDs, I set them into a dado and increased their vertical foot print, which exposes more surface area to the air, and which makes for a smaller horizontal foot print.

The RPi 4 and the extra micro SD card sit in recessed areas so they stay put.






That’s a pretty cool monitor stand! :smile:


I finally found a use for those Microsoft products that had been sitting on the shelf for years.

For years those products were a pain in the neck. Now they prevent a pain in the neck.



hadn’t noticed yet that it were MS Windows product boxes :joy:

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Pretty much where I always am.


Now I understand the “busy” part of your user name.



it all come together.


what exactly are we looking at here?
music production?
I’m particularly curious about the DIY wooden boxes with cables going all over the place

looks a lot like modular synths


i work as a sound artist so i’ve got a bunch of synths in my studio. the big wooden boxes are a modular system of mostly frac format but there’s one row of euro. frac is an older format that was more DIY minded before the big euro format boom.

i kind of can’t believe i used to travel with them for performances because they are honestly so heavy to lug around. laptop in a backpack is much easier to get through an airport or put in a car lol.

otherwise a couple fm rack synths, a set of amplified HDDs, and a few bizarre custom pieces that were made for or given to me. there are a couple other weird things laying around here.

i shifted pretty hard into software about 11 years ago so i don’t actually use my hardware that much. which is why i’m using endeavour actually. i wanted an arch base to make a more tailored to my needs audio production OS when i bought a new PC. after so many years on ubuntu flavors it felt like a mess. whenever i setup a system i’d have to purge so many packages and it all felt very bloated after awhile. i was not looking forward to the time sink of installing arch when i knew i’d already be spending a ton of time getting setup after install with transferring backups and configuring the os. i was in the middle of a handful of projects so i didn’t need another thing to eat at my time. after some research i came across endeavour and it seemed perfect for me, i was correct. i use it on my desktop and 2 laptops now.


Greetings lovely community,

I know we have a great thread continually going for Share Your Desktop, but I didn’t see one for actual computer setups. So without further ado, I present to you my little humble setup that I use EndeavourOS on each day!


For those curious, my laptop is an Aspire E5-576G, mouse is a Logitech G203 (wired), UE Boom 2 bluetooth speaker, Samsung Galaxy Buds Live in a black case, a NJ Devils bobble head because I love hockey, a wireless phone pad charger, an old mouse pad I have no clue where it came from, the first Dune & Foundation books (still need to finish those!), an Acurite digital indoor thermostat, a cup of iced coffee and some tea.

Hope you like my little setup and feel free to share yours!


Look harder lol…