Should i switch to EndeavourOS?

Windows, really? :roll_eyes:
What we think about it? :face_vomiting:


School is tide up to ms services, i share your opinion too

Is that octopi? Or something else?

MS Teams?
You can install MS Teams on EOS too. My kids are using it for school.

Welcome to the forum!


So did updating mirrors and resync fix your pamac problem?

You said there this is this gtk thing causing issues?

If you need help, please post what you see in the </> in the reply box, it’s a lot easier for us to help if we can actually see the problem you’re experiencing.

I don’t use pamac personally, I usually just go right to the air website to search. Is fathoms easier for me personally since I always want to see their git page and all that stuff anyway. To me it ends up being wasted space on my computer.

Welcome on board @TurkeyJohn .

This forum is a real ‘plus’ for users. I do not come from Manjaro but from Arch and i have recently installed EndeavourOS on bare metal to replace my Arch system. With the same packages and parameters. the change was only motivated by this friendly and helpful community. And the fact that EndeavourOS use the Calamares installer has gave me the opportunity to install my system with BTRFS, encryption and automatic snapshots. Great ! :smiley:


I do have an important question. Let’s say i backed up the entire os using Timeshift. If i, by accident, get my os destroyed and replace it with a fresh install, can i put restore my timeshift snapshot and have all my stuff back?

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Dear TurkeyJohn,

I do not know anything about Timeshift as I have never used nor tried it.

Here is what I do to make certain that I do not lose my configurations should I ever have to reinstall the entire system (and here is a BIG THANK YOU to Fernandomaoto who explained this to me on this forum):



first of all, this is good article for anyone interested in generating package list

In this example i’m using -Qqe option, but you can manually edit this list or make your own with only desired packages

# Generating package list

pacman -Qqe >installed_packages.txt

# Edit the list as you want using your prefered text editor

# For AUR packages.

OBS: this actually list any package external from official, so endeavouros packages are also listed here.

pacman -Qqm >aur_packages.txt


There are multiples ways to accomplish this, i’ll give a couple examples

if you have one package by line you can:
sudo pacman -S $(cat installed_packages.txt |xargs) --needed --noconfirm

Or even
for x in $(cat installed_packages.txt); do sudo pacman -S $x --needed --noconfirm; done

3 )For AUR
yay -S $(cat aur_packages.txt |xargs) --needed --noconfirm

**** -needed will only install new packages, so you won’t waste time reinstalling the already installed***
**** -noconfirm won’t prompt the confirmation step “Do you want to install?”. Recommended specially for the second method and with huge list of files***

OR merge both generated files into one new text document [Create Document] (named
complete_installed_packages.txt) and install with yay instead of pacman.
yay -S $(cat complete_installed_packages.txt |xargs) --needed --noconfirm


After you make the complete_installed_packages.txt document (by merging the other two documents into it), you should save all of them somewhere in your Documents folder.

That folder, and EVERYTHING else on your computer (Music, Pictures, Videos, etc.) should be backed up to an external hard drive (believe it or not I back my “stuff” up to four (4) hard drives several times a week - plus a fifth one which I keep in the safe deposit box in my bank (this last one is backed up only once every three months). (You could also back everything up to the “cloud” and many (most?) people do but I myself do not trust the “cloud” so I use my own external hard drives.)

By doing all of that (and, believe me, it doesn’t take anywhere nearly as long to do as it does to read about it) you will be able to completely reinstall EVERYTHING - the entire OS as you had it configured as well as all of your Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos, etc.

You can even make another computer be exactly as your first (main) one if you so choose (and I have done just that!).

And by doing all of that, there is practically no chance that you won’t be able to get everything back, including the OS as you had it configured as well as all of your important Documents, etc.

Don’t be afraid of losing everything. I almost lost ALL of my Documents (through a stupid error on my part) but, from that drive in the bank, I was able to restore just about everything.

And I have never had any problem with the EndeavourOS system itself necessitating a re-installation.

Perhaps someone else here can give you more information about Timeshift but the way I describe it above is what I do and I know that it works (as I mentioned, I have made other computers exactly the same as my main one).

I hope that this information is of some use and help to you.

All the best,



Thanks, Lawrence! :slight_smile: And just to say I too have 5 drives, lol. The 5th was bought to transfer things over to, with one of the other drives showing some 0kb errors for files, but at the moment the 5 are in use. I also back things up often during the week, particularly main files/folders in use daily. Can’t put a price on peace of mind, and it gets easy to adapt to doing these backups. I too don’t trust or use the cloud. May take a little focus and work to do manual backups, but worth their weight in gold.


If it’s on the forum then you can link to it rather than repost the whole thing, for example:


Dear jonathon,

I was going to link the article to by post but when I looked at it, I didn’t see the last portion:

OR merge both generated files into one new text document [Create Document] (named
complete_installed_packages.txt) and install with yay instead of pacman.
yay -S $(cat complete_installed_packages.txt |xargs) --needed --noconfirm

That’s why I reposted the whole thing, adding that last portion. I suppose I should have explained the reason for my doing so.

Thank you for your reply.



Dear northernlass,

You better believe it! :grinning:

Thanks for your compliment.



Dear Lawrence, you’re welcome :slight_smile: and thanks for drawing attention to the subject and also about how to easily reinstall things … I’ve got things ready to try this out; exciting!


Dear northernlass,

Are you planning to 1) reinstall your system on your “main” computer, 2) using the commands to make your other computers exactly the same as your “main” one, or 3) just using the commands to create the .txt documents “just in case”?

I’m just curious; I create those documents “just in case” and the only times I have used the command < yay -S $(cat complete_installed_packages.txt |xargs) --needed --noconfirm > to add programs to my other computers is when I have added a program (often more than one plus dependencies) to my “main” one.

That includes the times when we see (when using yay) "do you want to replace this-and-this program with that-and-that one.

I’m sure that we’ve all seen this question when updating (I always say Yes) and then I run those commands to make new .txt documents.

And then, of course, when I back up my Documents to the external hard drives, those .txt documents are saved along with everything else.

I haven’t had to add any programs recently so the only time I run the command creating the .txt document is when I see that “replacement” question.

I just wrote the above to add some clarification; please let me know how everything goes for you.

And thank you for writing to me.



Dear Lawrence. Thanks for your very helpful message. :slight_smile: I’ve got the instructions written down, but haven’t got round to trying it out yet. It’s on my to-do list, once I’ve got a couple of things done.

Planning to test on main system, as it takes at least 2 hours to sort a fresh install, whenever I’ve messed about with something, lol. To make the install time shorter will definitely help; then it’s just copying over backups, and sorting various settings and tweaks.

Good advice to be sure to keep the text files very up to date. I have a main folder where the most recent txt files and backups (e.g. xpad, liferea, etc) go, and that main folder goes onto every external drive at least every other day, so I’ll be sure to update that immediately before a reinstall.


Sorry, I’d jumped in, following the way the thread was going, and then got distracted elsewhere/forgot to answer! I’d say that, yes, eOS is very stable … good backups, TTY updates (I do mine every 7-10 days, but some wait longer, or daily, eek), keep an eye on any news, and you should be fine.
And re eOS comparison with Manjaro, others have made various points, so I’ll mention the better privacy and community standards.
I personally find running Mate is my best gaming experience (non-Steam; solely using Wine … Ryzen 7/RX5700XT), but, whichever desktop environment you choose, you’ll find eOS a lot lighter/faster.


" Should i switch to EndeavourOS "

That easy :wink:… YES!!! 55555555 what you got to lose :crazy_face:


Thanks for the reply. Right now i am sticking with windows ame and when i learn how to setup endeavourOS properly (so i won’t deal with issues in the future or during school) i will make the switch. Rn i’m running it on a external hdd. So far it’s amazing and works hella better than Manjaro, thought it takes longer to config. Also i noticed that there is 0 audio latency, unlike Manj- ok no bashing here.
Sorry if i bring windows here :frowning:


Windows are fine… :grin: I look out of them all the time once the weather turns…



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