Shortwave App for Internet Radio

I’m looking for help on the shortwave app which is available in AUR. I used to have gradio installed for internet radio and it was pretty good. A few months back, the developer joined forces with someone and developed a replacement called ‘shortwave’. At that point gradio stopped being updated and in fact cannot now be installed (well, I can’t install it!). Shortwave has been quite erratic and now won’t install at all. There is some bug in it related, I think, to libhandy. Does anyone know how to get this app installed? I’ve tried cloning the git and using makepkg -si but it throws up the same error as it does when just installing through YAY.

PS: I’m missing my Tony Hancock repeats!!!

freebench commented on 2020-10-16 09:17

After system update it failed to start with a message:

shortwave: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Installing extra/libhandy0 separately fixes the issue.

Have you tried it?


Which error?

Thanks a lot. That latest hint from Arch Wiki only came up today and I hadn’t spotted it. I knew the problem was libhandy but I had assumed from the previous comment that it had to be changed in the C file.

I installed libhandy0 and then installed shortwave and it worked like a charm. I always check out the Arch Packages comments when there is a problem but sometimes they can be a bit unfathomable.

Thanks again.


It was the libhandy not installed error and I’ve now fixed it thanks to ‘keybreak’ pointing out the latest advice on Arch.

Thanks for responding.