Share Your Linux Memes

Some Spiders eat their children…


And I thought my mind was dark at times lol

sounds about right. I started my linux learning experience on gentoo. I don’t regret it, because it lead me to arch eventually, but damn did it try to eat me.


If I’d had started here I probably would have given up, great to see you pushed through it

Download failed :face_with_monocle: Can’t be bothered to wait for it again :person_shrugging:

Don’t blame you I was thinking of trying out the script first

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i was determined. windows 8 scared me, i was afraid that microsoft would break their pattern, the one where they released a good windows, then bad, then good, then bad, windows 7 was so good that when windows 8 sucked as bad as it did, and the particular way it sucked too, it made me worry, and i was not going to get caught in a situation where i had to choose between garbage like windows 8 or just not using a PC at all. So i just started learning.

And in the end i was right to be worried, windows 10 was straight up spyware and windows 11 put everything wrong with windows 8 and everything wrong with windows 10 together and cranked it to the max.

And i suppose starting with gentoo meant i had to cget comfortable with a terminal really fast, and to be honest compiling the kernel was kinda a fun experinece, going through the kernel and disabling and enabling features based on what i needed to try to create a streamlined kernel that only had shit i needed in it was fun. Even if it was something that no first time linux user should be doing :laughing: it made me feel cool.

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The way you describe it makes it sound sort of appealing

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install gentoo, VM man.

On my machine in a VM it would be a week long project probably just to get a simple wm up and running :grin:

not if you use qemu. Unless ur cpu is really shit.

I stick with Virtualbox but only cos I know how to use it, should try out this sometime though as I’ve heard good things about it

Yer try keep the offensive stuff off here, it can offend some

use virt-manager.

It takes some learning to set up a good qemu VM but your cpu performance can be damn near native in qemu, graphical performance… Well I suppose it’s native if you passthrough a gpu, but normally just getting 60fps display on it is a hassle. But for something like trying out gentoo it’s perfect.

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I’ll have to suss it out sometime hey, always using VMs to test stuff so something that works close to the native settings would be awesome

UwU The bwest distro UwU



I get a crappy drip maker from a thrift store, descale/clean the snot out if it, then use til it breaks, then repeat the process…I must be LFS? :slight_smile: Or the real Gentoo?

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You know, I know someone who has a coffee machine like the one that says gentoo user. He modded it so it automatically refills itself on water and stuff, so i think that one is perfectly on point. I don’t think he’s ever used gentoo but he’s a professional server administator (i mean works for a company and manages a lot of servers) so it checks out.