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But you can change refresh rate of you monitor in Wayland too. So I don’t understand the issue.

144HZ is my native refresh rate of my monitor. The problem is that this game runs with high FPS even on pretty old hardware. Without Wayland’s forced VSync, I reach almost 1K FPS, which I don’t know, it feels better for me to move my mouse and play than on 144FPS with forced VSync. The game is osu!, by the way.

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I’m new to Wayland myself, so maybe there are issues I’m not aware of. Have a look at gamescope, which is developed by Valve and used in Steam Deck as well. It was mainly developed for Wayland (but is usable in X11 too, I used it before and even solved an issue with a gamepad on a specific game through Proton).

BTW I know osu! for long time and always wanted try it out. :slight_smile: Thanks for reminding me.

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I mean, I just need to log out, move to the X11 session and log back in. I barely waste time doing that so I can play the game and osu is slowly moving towards their new client, Lazer, which is open source and natively supports Linux. It’s just that the process is very, very slow on that front because people got used to playing on the same client for… 3 years short of 2 decades.

Hit me up in private if you need tips or explanations about the game. I’ve played for nearly a decade and I have some experience in the clicking circles business.

It was a joke, I don’t really care lol.

I imagined, but I wanted to share that, not gonna lie. :sweat_smile:

I just downloaded the AppImage from their page and tried it out. Its a fun game. :slight_smile: At least for me I have no V-Sync issues on Wayland. My monitor is also 144Hz native, but its set to 120 and game is locked to 120 FPS/Hz. Do you have Nvidia? That shit is the cause of many problems I had previously and why I switched to AMD…

EDIT: Oh sorry, i thought this was the “What games are you playing” thread.

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I wanted to message privately so we don’t pollute the thread, but I can’t do that for some reason, so I came here.

The AppImage is for Lazer, which is in development. Lazer works more than okay on Wayland. The other client is called stable in the community and it is used for serious play. That’s the version that requires Wine to run.

Na. Ruin this thing. It’s supposed to be fun.

Edit. I thought this was my other thread. Don’t ruin this one.

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Here is mine:


i3 :heart_eyes:


Can I get some help about nouveau and NVK drivers? I also use RTX 3050 mobile with sway but I can’t even use apps like blender,godot and qemu. Egl apps render with transparent background etc.


Great wallpaper !

Still enjoying LMDE on the laptop…



Great conky´s; can you share the configurations, please.


With my short mileage on Arch and EOS, I’m not sure if there’s some kind of config file I can share.
What I can share is, basically, the GUI way I used.

1. Right-click the desktop to enter edit mode:

2. Open widgets and find the System Monitor Sensor widget (which is an abstract widget where you’re supposed to attach any available sensor)

3. Select the graph type (and change the title to match the sensor you’ll be monitoring)

4. Select the sensor

Here you’ll get the list of all sensors available on your computer

5. Choose if you wanna go transparent

and that’s it

I hope I’m not too simplistic in my answer



I haven’t used Gnome in years. I’ve been a KDE user for a very long time. Occasionally Cinnamon. so, I took the dive into Arch Gnome 46 (Wayland). This is a work in progress, so it’s time to reacquaint myself with Gnome.



Again no major changes just changed the clock up slightly.