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My latest desktop. I have never liked floating panels, but somehow it fits well to my art deco style wallpaper… :slightly_smiling_face:


next: create art-deco panmel style :wink:

Thanks, thought it was soothing and fun.

He’s called ninja cat, but is really an outdoor being ! :smiley:

A little Art Deco.

How do you show actual logo in neofetch?

Do you mind sharing .png file and instructions?

It looks awesome :sunglasses:

Do you remember the deviantart link to that background?

Hi mate, I’ll be home later and will send you the info. then.
In the meantime install fastfetch. It’s what a lot of us are using instead on Neofetch. :+1:

Awesome :star_struck:

I’ll check it out in the meantime. I had custom config file in neofetch. It’ll be interesting to see if I can port some of that info

From memory you just need to install fastfetch then run it like this
fastfetch --logo path-to-image

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Hi mate, here’s the png and the fastfetch config.conf file.
I just put the config in a folder named “fastfetch” which I created in the home/user/.config folder.
The png can go anywhere and like Smokey said you just edit the path to it in the fastfetch config.conf file.
fastfetch stuff :slight_smile:

Edit, to get the emojis in the fetch you’ll need to install a nerd font. I use martian mono nerd from extra repo and set it as default in Konsole.


Awesome. Thanks, I’ll try it out and post the results


You’re very welcome. at last I am sharing some knowledge which was very kindly shared to me by @swh

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This is also super handy

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here it is…

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Ye I’ve been using caskadiya mono nerd fonts for terminal. My favourite and ibm-plex for gnome and everything else

Oh nice, I’ll have to check them out. :smiley:

I think i share .
maybe some usr think or little interested in ARM + Rpi 5 but real like Hyprland + no sure if it run on ARM or Rp5 ( it does ) I turn all fancy thing off ( i no need /want ) they seem smooth on Rpi5.

I will stay on River + Bspwm ( they run great on Rpi5 )


Thanks. This inspired a search where I ended up using this:


The wallpaper is admittedly a bit too busy for my taste, so I’m still looking for a quieter fitting one.


Found one!