Settings Do Not Work


I have installed EOS with Budgie Desktop and Gnome Control Center stopped working not long after I launched the OS. I am sure it did work for some time. It possibly stopped working after I updated the system.

Here’s an error I get when I launch gnome-control-center:

$ gnome-control-center 

(gnome-control-center:20767): cc-wwan-panel-WARNING **: 16:36:00.785: Error connecting to ModemManager: Error calling StartServiceByName for org.freedesktop.ModemManager1: Unit dbus-org.freedesktop.ModemManager1.service not found.

(gnome-control-center:20767): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: 16:36:00.822: Settings schema '' is not installed
Trace/breakpoint trap (core dumped)

similar issue -

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$ sudo pacman -S
[sudo] password for user: 
error: target not found:

On Manjaro forum it is reported, “I remembered that it crashed when I viewed “multitasking” panel.”

Exactly. I remember that I clicked on “Multitasking” - the Settings crashed and stopped working. Reboots do not help.

Not sure if reinstalling could fix some dependency

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what theme is in use? it seems arc-gtk-theme can be an issue on budgie.

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Thanks for the answers.

Tried reinstalling using pacman but it didn’t help.

I am using Plata-Compact that was installed using Pacman. It is a native Solus Budgie theme.

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I have seen this workaround, yes, but there seemingly is no gsettings in the repositories, neither in AUR, nor in official bases.

I pasted the quote below, for convenience.

Okay I found a temporary workaround. I remembered that it crashed when I viewed “multitasking” panel. So I used gsettings to check the keys of org.gnome.ControlCenter

gsettings list-keys org.gnome.ControlCenter 

then check

gsettings get org.gnome.ControlCenter last-panel 

this is the problematic panel that was crashing the control center every time. So I did

gsettings reset org.gnome.ControlCenter last-panel

and voila, I can open settings again. Not touching that panel till this gets fixed!

yes I can reproduce this…

[joe@joe-virtualbox ~]$ LANG=C pacman -Qo /usr/share/applications/gnome-multitasking-panel.desktop
/usr/share/applications/gnome-multitasking-panel.desktop is owned by gnome-control-center 41.2-3

so it is part of G-C-C itself… but they are related to gnome-shell ?

yes if i install gnome-shell it does start just fine also if i use the multitasking tab just before closing and restart…


no idea if this is still plaguing people like it has me today, but using the info here I have found that the parameter has changed from org.gnome.ControlCenter to org.gnome.Settings.

Therefor if you follow the instructions with this new info it is now:

[setayo@SamsungNP900X3C ~]$ gsettings list-keys org.gnome.Settings
[setayo@SamsungNP900X3C ~]$ gsettings get org.gnome.Settings last-panel
[setayo@SamsungNP900X3C ~]$ gsettings reset org.gnome.Settings last-panel

This then allows the settings to be opened but be careful not to click multitasking again until this is patched for good

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I have no issue on Budgie with plata-compact.

Edit: Using Budgie Control Center

Edit2: Budgie Desktop is nice!


remove Gnome control center it is not recommended to be used by Budgie development anymore as they now have their own one.

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Everyone should switch to Budgie Control Center. The bug is posted elsewhere on this forum about gnome control center and multitasking setting causing a SEGFAULT.

Is there anyway that we could get a sticky message & a wiki faq or something to make this permanent?

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i pin a post for it…


Thank you so much.