Setting for removable media KDE Plasma

I wanted to stick my nose into KDE again after a long time (I had actually finished with it, but somehow there is also curiosity …). My question: I have a correctly configured etc/fstab, if I now enable ANYTHING in the plasma settings for the removable media or just set it, does it affect or change my fstab? Or maybe it’s best not to activate anything there and just trust the fstab?

The screenshot was only taken in a live session.I haven’t installed plasma yet, so I can find out for myself. I don’t want to flatten my beloved Xfce unnecessarily.

Edit: the screenshot is from a live session with Manjaro, because you can’t try out live plasma with EoS.

Nope, it’s independent and doesn’t affect fstab, as far as i know…
I think it should take priority when auto-mount activated

You can just backup /etc/fstab and test :wink:

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No, I can’t do that right now because I do not have KDE installed. In the live-session I don’t notice any effect. Would I go to the trouble of asking here?

Of course not, it’s just suggestion: “Better safe than sorry” :slight_smile:

At least for me i have some manual stuff in /etc/fstab and i have enabled settings in KDE exactly like on your screenshot, it haven’t affected /etc/fstab file anyhow, but i’m not 100% sure why and how it works, just observations and thought that it should be working independently :slight_smile:

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But that is a contradiction in terms: It may have no effect, but the automatic mount has priority.

Sorry, i maybe haven’t made best wording :laughing:

What i mean is, let’s say:

  1. You have /etc/fstab entry for some device with some specific mount attributes
  2. Auto-mount enabled in KDE

I think that auto-mount (with whatever attributes KDE sets - no idea :upside_down_face: ) will be in use…
But don’t quote me on that, somebody with more knowledge should come here for sake of science!

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Okay, let’s wait to hear from Sheldon …

for science - BAZINGA!

Thanks for this …

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It’s certainly never affected my fstab.


2 is already a crowd! :partying_face:


But please keep the distance of 1.5 m! :mask: