Server migration order plan 30 July

The plan for tomorrow is that we start migrating in this order:

  1. The mirror
  2. EndeavourOS website
  3. Discovery website
  4. The forum

For those who are living in Australia, Asia and Europe, the forum will be available for a large part of the day on the current server. I will give you a sign when the forum is going down.


Does this only concern the server of the forum or does it also have any influence on a current online installation? I want to install a computer with the online version of EOS today.

The transition will start tomorrow (Thursday 30 July) around 10:00 in the morning CET.

That would be 02:00 in the morning here. Works for me!



I wish you success!


Good luck with transition. Endeavour team:crossed_fingers:


Here is to short-lived 404 errors!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Good luck!

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I want to install EndeavourOS in the morning tomorrow. Will this impact my installation or am I safe?

If Xfce, no
other yes. maybe :wink:

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Allright, thanks. Going to do the online one so will do it later in the day. :slight_smile:

No, it won’t.

We will migrate the mirror “master server” (that’s the server where the mirrors get the updates from), not the mirrors the users connect to.
So if everything goes as I planned, users will be able to use the mirrors as normal.

I will especially keep an eye on my mirror ( to ensure that the packages are available all the time.
So if you have problems, just comment the other EOS mirror out and use that one.


Thanks for the answer, I am finished with the installation anyway. Everything in the green area :+1:


I woke up early. Installation done as well!