Sensors apps or activate hardware sensors on EOS?

Hi friends.

I am using EOS KDE 6.0 with KDE System Monitor to customize the temperatures of my cpu, gpu, ssd, hdd etc:

The problem is that KDE System Monitor does not detect the temperature of my ssd, hdd and motherboard. I remember that these had sensors because Windows detected them.

Then searching on Google I found this, although I don’t know if it’s correct, and I also don’t know if all of them are applications:

  • ksyguard
  • lm sensor 32/64
  • qt5 sensors 32/64
  • qt6 sensor 32/64
  • plasma 5 monitor
  • widgets
  • other apps

Instead of installing and trying everything, I would like to know what you recommend. Thanks in advance!

MAybe your sensor problem is the same as I had:

Try this out.

REgarding the system monitor thingy I have no suggestion to make, every solution I know is subpar to the incredible Hardware64 from Windows…

I don’t have an answer for your sensors issue, but it seems like you’re looking for a good system monitor. The one that comes installled with EOS is excellent. It launches from the terminal but I liked it so much that I made a shortcut. You just have to type glances in the terminal. Here’s a sample of how incredibly detailed it is…