Search content of ppt or pptx files in a folder

I got a whole folder of thausand over powerpoint hymnal lyric of ppt or pptx.
Is there any way or package can help me to do a search for a specific word in the files of the folder ?
There is this software called “agent ransack” , but it is in windows os version, not in linux.
I wish if there is GUI version. because Grep version is very hard to remember…
For such a complicated string of command… when i want to do a quick search for a ppt file with such word or string of word in it, it deters me…
Is there a GUI version that can achieve what grep can do , such as agent ransack above ?

Did you do any web search for e.g. “linux search file content gui” etc. ?

Each DE also tends to have a tool available, e.g. Baloo, Catfish, Tracker…


swisscows :rofl:
Now just when i thought i have heard all weird names / logos of alt-tech… :joy: