Scripts and mirrors are not working properly

I’ve been trying to run Zodd18 Dotfiles script. But it always fails It worked on the previous versions of Endeavour OS. Here is what happens when i run the install script.

Here is the dotfiles I’m trying to install:

I solved the script issue by removing pipewire-jack package. But the mirrors are not working on my device. It works just fine on the VM but on a device the mirrors are really bad. Any idea on how to fix it?

sudo pacman -R jack2

and run again and there is nothing wrong with eos please see this latest thread:

I removed pipewire-jack instead of jack2. But it worked…

Here is what happens when i run a sudo pacman -Syu on a fresh install of EndeavourOS
And the networks speeds are really bad on Arch mirrors.

This is happening after removing pipewire-jack and running sudo pacman -Syu.

A couple of things come to mind - all of which have been covered on the forum before. You need an update to the archlinux keys, you need to run rate-mirrors arch (for better mirror performance) and (as you noted, the conflict with pipewire-jack and jack just requires removal of one of them. As an aside here, if you copy and paste the text off your screen (between sets of three ` ) it is MUCH easier to see and understand your difficulties! Screenshots are not good for the purpose, if only for eyesight reasons!

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sudo pacman -S archlinux-keyring
sudo pacman -Syu
should solve the key issue

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What are the commands to run rate-mirrors?


~ » rate-mirrors --help
rate-mirrors config 0.9.0
Usually default options should work

    rate-mirrors [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] <SUBCOMMAND>

            allow running by root

    -h, --help          
            Prints help information

    -V, --version       
            Prints version information

        --concurrency <concurrency>
            Number of simultaneous speed tests [default: 8]

        --country-neighbors-per-country <country-neighbors-per-country>
            Neighbor country to test per country [default: 3]

        --country-test-mirrors-per-country <country-test-mirrors-per-country>
            Number of mirrors to test per country [default: 2]

        --entry-country <entry-country>
            Entry country - first country (+ its neighbours) to test.
            You don't need to change it unless you are just curious. [default: US]
        --eps <eps>
            Per-mirror: sigma to mean speed ratio
              1.0 -- 68% probability (1 sigma), no 100% error
              0.5 -- 68% probability (1 sigma), no 50% error;
              0.25 -- 68% probability (1 sigma), no 25% error;
              0.125 -- 95% probability (2 sigmas), no 25% error;
              0.0625 -- 95% probability (2 sigmas), no 12.5% error: [default: 0.0625]
        --eps-checks <eps-checks>
            Per-mirror: after min measurement time elapsed, check such number of subsequently downloaded data chunks
            whether speed variations are less then "eps" [default: 40]
        --max-jumps <max-jumps>
            Max number of jumps between countries, when finding top mirrors [default: 7]

        --min-bytes-per-mirror <min-bytes-per-mirror>
            Minimum number of bytes to be downloaded, required to measure mirror speed [default: 70000]

        --min-per-mirror <min-per-mirror>
            Minimum downloading time, required to measure mirror speed, in milliseconds [default: 300]

        --per-mirror-timeout <per-mirror-timeout>
            Per-mirror speed test timeout in milliseconds [default: 1500]

        --protocol <protocol>...
            Test only specified protocols (can be passed multiple times)

        --save <save-to-file>
            Filename to save the output to in case of success

        --top-mirrors-number-to-retest <top-mirrors-number-to-retest>
            Number of top mirrors to retest [default: 5]

    arch           fetch & test archlinux mirrors
    artix          fetch & test artix mirrors
    cachyos        fetch & test cachyos mirrors
    endeavouros    fetch & test endeavouros mirrors
    help           Prints this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)
    manjaro        fetch & test manjaro mirrors
    rebornos       fetch & test rebornos mirrors
    stdin          accepts lines of urls OR lines with tab-separated urls and countries

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