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Today we received a message from the main developer of Screenfetch and told us:

Hey, developer of screenfetch here. I didn’t know if you wanted to update the screenshot of EndeavourOS on your front page as screenfetch supports EndeavourOS now and will display a proper logo.


Needs work IMHO


I agree it should be the Endeavour logo. :wink:

In the screenfetch-git package the EndeavourOS logo shows, the repo version isn’t updated yet. I guess it’s a matter of days.



In a cleaner way: yay -S screenfetch-git

For my ISO building virtualmachine in VBox:


@FredBezies Thanks works for me too.

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screenfetch only issue is on neofetch it display 500mb ram use and screenfetch 700 weird is dthat or is it me ?

There are different ways to show ram usage… and also showing real used and reserved ram together or only real used ram can be the cause here…

ah ok :slight_smile: its only that im used to something :slight_smile: then is ok

It works like à charm, merci @FredBezies

I would like to understand this code ligne ! :thinking:
Is it about to remove old screenfetch and reinstall a new one more advanced in developpent from another AUR repo ? Which means that soon this ASCII art logo will appear directly from EndeavourOS Iso or when all repo will be updated ?


me too… I dont understand how to change…the logo?!

It replaces stable screenfetch by development one. This logo will be in the next stable version of screenfetch. So, either you wait or you install development package.

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Merci, I got it.
About the way it works, development is done on GIT specially and when it’s stable, it moves to official repo ? So at this moment, when we make update on our system we got it ?

The update happens upstream, it appears automatically in your updates.


Development of screenfetch is done by screenfetch devs on GitHub, the package on Archlinux is maintained by Archlinux, they update it as fast as possible :wink:

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Thank for the clear explanation, I learned a lot. It’s very fast. :biking_man:

Wow is beautifull kkkkk.


Hey that some awesome wallpaper you using there! :kissing_heart::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: