Scalling dont work properly after install las update

I updated my pc and I don’t remember what was. Pacman change one package by other and all the icons and applications show extremerly big. I was searching and I have installed wayland and xorg, so I don’t know if it comes from xorg or wayland. I tried to use other DE or WM (qtile) I have the same problem. I have te rescale all and some applications like virtualbox still showing big.

I’m using:
mate: 1.26
mesa: 21.2.4
linux: 5.14.16
wayland: 1.19
xorg: 21.1.1

Edit: After a little search I found what package was updated in my system: xdg-desktop-portal-gtk was updated 2021-11-10 the same day that I updated my pc.

I hope it can help.

Update again, xorg has a new point release which should fix it.

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You can also use the forums search feature as there are already several posts/threads about this issue.