Scaling in GNOME 40?

When the new ISO is out (or when I’m bored again), I thought I’d take another look at the current GNOME. The last time I tried it (3.6 or so) I had problems with crooked scaling. I have a 25" monitor with 1440p resolution. This results in a pixel density of 117. Setting this was not possible with GNOME (4K would have been easy). I was able to increase the font size, which scaled the UI, but neither Libreoffice nor Firefox did it (I have my own solution for Firefox anyway). KDE has the most elegant solution, there are no problems. => Xfce I do not like, sorry.

There is experimental support for fractional scaling but I wouldn’t recommend it. You will currently get better results from font scaling if you need more than what integer scaling can provide.

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thanks @dalto

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Thereis a good article here on enabling fractional.scaling in Gnome.

In GNOME 3.32, the developers have added an “experimental” support for fractional scaling. Sadly, there’s no option to enable that one in the control center, so you’ll have to apply the following command in the terminal to enable it:

gsettings set org.gnome.mutter experimental-features “[‘x11-randr-fractional-scaling’]”

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