Save as editable PDF from browser

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Of late when I find a site for something I want to install I rightclick and select print and save as PDF. I would like to know if there is any tool I can add to make those PDF’s editable? The reason is that not all links in a PDF are the address but rather text linked to the address. For example various links in the below. Thanks in advance for any thelp with this.

Edible? You want to eat your pdfs?


(I’ve made the PDF less palatable but more changeable)


PDF editing is a pain, due to the way they are created. But Libreoffice can help somewhat with text-based PDFs. Other tools like Masterpdfeditor in the AUR can be used also.

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I always make sure I’m not hungry when sharing pdf’s! :laughing:


LOL nice catch. OOPs


Is there by chance a browser addon to send the info from a page to Masterpdfeditor?

I think you nailed it. I ate Just after I posted that.

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LibreOffice Draw allows for the editing of PDF’s save via the browser, but the font is so so small and I’m not finding a way to enlarge the page in Draw and thus the fonts.

Personally, I use MasterPDFEditor, paid version since I use it extensively in my practice, and it is excellent. Other tools I have used that should be in the arch repos (I haven’t checked recently, so please correct this if I’m wrong):

xournal – has a typewriter function that does a decent job of filling in pdf forms, but not good for creating forms

pdfstudio – a competing product to MasterPDFEditor. There is/was a free version and a professional (paid) version. Also an excellent tool, but I liked MPDFE better.

And there’s always gimp and inkscape …


Thanks I just installed Master to see if it was any better. It scrolls all pages, and the links are clickable so no need for me to edit. Thanks

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