Sardi and Surfn icons will become Endeavour proof

Sardi and Surfn icons are not really applications.
You can move it to a more suitable forum.

I made a video about endeavour to get the name out there and to make sure all icons are covered.
Kalu is the one icon I need to make.

Tip : hardcode-fixer from foggalong will help your users to get all icons follow the theme they choose and love.

Ps : great to see that the soul of antergos is preserved this way


Welcome Eric
I am unhapoy with arc icons also.
I will be on ISO fixing tomorrow, so i can hqve a look

Thank you very much for such a constructive review!
Be sure we’ll keep your tips in mind to improve the system.

Thanks for the LUKS encrytion comment, i’ll check your videos to fix it for calamares.
Also, if you haven’t found a solution to the newest calamares version, regarding the missing “copy kernel” function let me know.

OBS: next time try using a smaller resolution, i like to read all commands and output, but the font was small :slight_smile:

And finally, be welcome to the forum!



I was wondering what direction you will take for the installer.

Is calamares a one time thing or will you work towards a new antergos installer for the coming editions?

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As in both. At least if I understand it correctly the Calamares will be an Xfce only offline installer released in intervals. They will also have a net installer with 10 DEs to choose from, like Antergos had.

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At first we had some options:

  • offline installer from Portergos/PacBang (but most of people here just hate cli installer)
  • Cnchi (too much antergos code inside it, too complicated to change)
  • RebornOS installer, they had cnchi and started one of their own, but it’s not ready yet.
  • Calamares, seemed easy, has gui (for gui lovers) and offline installer.

Now we’re working in making calamares with offline and online installer.
Let’s see how it goes. I always remember myself that manjaro devs gave up on making calamares with online option, so i think there is a monster ahead…


Yes i am not 100% sure that it will work to use netinstall module to have working solution to install different DE’s as it is only to install packages + the pre and post script option… So it may need a modification of the module itself or a way to use the script option… Something like:
If we install GNOME we can try to use a post script on installing GDM to enable GDM instad of Lightdm and so on for other other stuff…

@joekamprad @fernandomaroto I like the Archlabs install script a lot. The only part that may be difficult is the partitioning and Uefi setup for some people but the rest is easy. You can add what you want and install it all. Couldn’t something like this be viable also?

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It will be easy to add a scriptbased installer as a fallback option. I do use Antergos ISO often before to install arch :wink:

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the easiest way to install the arch way is using an arch-based with DE and browser :slight_smile:
Who never did this? I did.

i like it… sardi icons are giving a more complete LF

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Being aware of the difficult and hard work on the online installer, it’s looks like you have not yet put away an installer known from the Antergos on the sidetrack; :wink: as his fan, i think it made you stand out.
By the way, the CLI offline installer in the interesting Spanish distribution - Void Linux, looks quite good.


yeah if you got a working cli installer thats also good… but old github messages on calamares told a bit about resolve network issues but is duable on one side… otherside you never know upstream issues lol:)

Argh, imo they make it really hard to differentiate apps from one another. Plus they are part of Arcolinux identity. That’s great, but I think Endeavour needs its own visual cues. How about Papirus-Maia if Antergos’ numix icons need to be changed:

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we are shipping arc-icons at the moment :wink:

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Papirus Maia is 100% Manjaro identity.

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ouch. didn’t know that. it looks so clean! is it a custom job specially for them? i guess they deserve congratulations if so.

normal papirus-icon-theme is fine enough :slight_smile: also day have kalu as icon somewhere thats fine :slight_smile:

Just papirus w out the Maia color works fine though I prefer the paper icons

@nate is right on sardi, apps icons looking very similar, we need a full icon set!

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