Ryzen 5000

AMD Ryzen 5000 “Fastest Gaming CPU”


Boy the video trans-coding I could do. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I have to buy an AMD CPU sometime. The most I have is Intel today. However, I do have some AMD CPU/APU. 4 if I remember correctly. 2 Opteron X3421 4 cores, cTDP Range - 12-35W. And 2 Opteron X3216 2 cores, cTDP Range - 12-15W.

Small things! Time for something bigger! But they do their job!

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posted this one before, but hey arrest me :smiley:



B450’s are supposed to get the beta BIOS to upgrade to 5000 series in Q1 2021, if they release a 65-watt 8 core 5000 series (or even better, a 65-watt 12 core ala Ryzen 9 3900 that’s OEM only), I’ll upgrade my machine to one of those most likely.

I have a brand new B550 sitting here waiting for some new processors!


Went with a B550 as well with my new pc, with future upgradeability in mind.
DDR5 will have to wait for a few more years for me I guess…
Or maybe it’ll be DDR6 by then, since I tend to keep my PC’s for 8+ years on average

What i like about the board i got which is the MSI B550 Tomohawk is that it has both 1.0 GB and 2.5 GB Ethernet plus Dual m.2. Holds 128 GB memory also.

Edit: Also has passive cooling as opposed to my other board that has fan cooling on chipset

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I waited as long as I could to get B550, it just took TOOOO long to come out and eventually I needed to replace the existing desktop, and so went B450.

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went with the Gigabyte B550M DS3H
also has dual NVME and support for 128GB Ram, only gigabit ethernet though

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Nothing wrong with the B450 as it has been the main board for AM4.

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I’m looking at getting the new SN850 Western Digital Black m.2 drives should be cheaper than the Samsung 980 Pro. 7000 Read 4000 Write

gonna wait a bit till prices drop in the future…
230 euros for 1TB is a bit much for me right now

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I’ve got an X570 and a B450 - so if I swap the Ryzen 7 3700x into the B450, then there’s a socket just waiting…

Now I just need a use case that I can pretend to myself that it makes sense! :grin:

I’ve got the below B450 board that I grabbed at 120.00 US and couldn’t be any more than happy with it performance with a Rysen 3 3200g. Plenty of power for a little lower end machine.


redundancy should be reason enough :smiley:

I already used that one… that’s how I added THIS:

to THIS:

in the first place! Thanks for the thought though!!
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Did you watch the benchmarks?
AMD is really leaving Intel in the dust… the 5600X, 65W CPU, fast in single core, fast in multi-core, and cheap!!

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Link for the benchmarks? The AMD 5600X might be the answer to eliminating the last of my Nvidia GPUs. This would be on a B450 MoBo.


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I really wanna one of those :slight_smile:
Take a look: