Rust-based 'Nova' Driver: A Better Nouveau for Nvidia GPUs

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Smells of soy, but who knows, maybe it’s good.

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Smell like first usable NoVidya FOSS driver…unfortunately only for newest ones, RTX 2000 + :frowning_face:

Oh, that’s utterly useless for me. Why would I spend money on a new NoVidea GPU? I already have a dozen of them in my e-waste box.

I was hoping that this new driver would delay them being shipped to Africa and save Tim Cook’s giraffe from stepping into them and injuring its toe. :cry:

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Well…they would, at least all the new ones - which is not nothing for a :giraffe:

I’m going to press X to doubt. But who knows…

Sure, the memory safety benefits, security, and performance benefits will be the result with such projects.

Polly the parrot wrote that blogpost.

Oh come on…
Who cares what language it is written in, as long as it’s fast and competitive?
Could be assembly for all i care.

Try making it fast in JavaScript :rofl:

That actually sounds pretty good.

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GPU driver in javascript…sounds reasonable :rofl:


:clown_face: :earth_africa:

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