Running System Shock 2 With SS2tool

Kernel: 5.13.13-arch1-1

I’m hoping someone with more wine experience can help me here. I downloaded the GOG version of system shock 2 via lutris and am trying to run the SS2tool modding exe using wine. I’ve read through a few installation guides most of which just say “use wine” when installing and configuring the mod. I first ran into a network error (the program asked whitelist it in a firewall) installing samba seemed to fix that issue. But I cannot get past the error shown in the picture I posted below.

I was hoping perhaps someone could make an updated guide for us newbies who are migrating from Windows to Linux distros and would like to mod their games. Wine’s documentation is thorough, but doesn’t have an entry for this. I’ll include the guides I tried using before.

Thanks in advance!


SS2Tool seems to be a real peace of soydevery… :sweat_smile:
I have no direct experience so far, but maybe that helps

Before that, try to install vcrun2008 with winetricks in that prefix, it seems to be required

P.S. People seem to use SS2Tool one older version just fine, try some older Wine version, just in case