Running cuda in xmr-stak on Endeavouros

This same problem was submitted as an issue here:

I’ve had this problem on other systems, but it seems submitting this issue could draw attention to the forum and increase its popularity if it’s solved here, causing this topic to appear justified.

How you install it?
Have you tried AUR xmr-stak-nvidia (has a CUDA patch) or xmr-stak-nvidia-git?

Have you tried xmrrig?
Besides, mining xmr with GPU…why?

Anyway, show your GPU info

inxi -Gaz

and what package of cuda you have installed?

I’m not sure about that, rolling release distro is not something popular among serious miners, for a good reason… :laughing:

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Hello, I saw in the FAQs of that xmr-stak could be considered better than xmrig when GNU/linux is considered.

If it’s not obvious, I’m not exactly a cryptocurrency veteran. Some recommendations would be useful.

It’s technical more than anything, i’ve asked you specific questions above, start by answering them…

P.S. but if you want to just mine XMR on your home PC - my advice is to use xmrrig, because unless you have an AMD EPYC or something, it’s not about money, but about supporting Monero infrastructure, for almost 0 profit on your side - which is very noble.

inxi -Gaz provides the output:
Graphics: Device-1: Intel CometLake-H GT2 [UHD Graphics] vendor: Acer Incorporated ALI driver: i915 v: kernel
bus-ID: 00:02.0 chip-ID: 8086:9bc4 class-ID: 0300
Device-2: NVIDIA TU117M vendor: Acer Incorporated ALI driver: nvidia v: 495.44
alternate: nouveau,nvidia_drm bus-ID: 01:00.0 chip-ID: 10de:1f99 class-ID: 0300
Device-3: Quanta HD User Facing type: USB driver: uvcvideo bus-ID: 1-5:3 chip-ID: 0408:a061
class-ID: 0e02
Display: x11 server: compositor: xfwm4 v: 4.16.1 driver: loaded: intel,nvidia
unloaded: fbdev,modesetting,vesa alternate: nouveau,nv resolution: <missing: xdpyinfo>
OpenGL: renderer: Mesa Intel UHD Graphics (CML GT2) v: 4.6 Mesa 21.2.4 direct render: Yes

I believe the place I said I got the binary from is the only place that an xmr-stak-nvidia release exists, the aur archive doesn’t show up in pacman -Ss xmr-stak and the only link in that seems to be working leads to fireice-uk’s xmr-stak.

As for xmrig, a guide to building it so that I can decide the fees and other aspects of the miner would be useful. I’ve tried using xmrig binaries before, but was still unable to use cuda.

pacman doesn’t work with AUR, use yay

But it doesn’t matter that much.

If you’re chasing for money - i wouldn’t expect much from GPU mining with your GPU for 2 reasons:

  1. Most profitable will be ETH, for now

  2. Nobody optimizes for older GPUs, if they work at all, especially with CUDA 11 - consider yourself very lucky.

  3. You will likely loose more on electricity, profit will be very minimal, if at all.

If you want to mine XMR for ideological reasons - go for it with xmrrig or anything else, you don’t need CUDA for that at all, since XMR is for CPU.

This should be my final comment on this thread -
q1) There are many steps in the setting up of xmr-stak through yay. Might there be a definitive guide, or will the installation steps be specific to my system?
q2) If ETH is the most profitable cryptocurrency to currently mine, how could I start mining it quickly? I’m asking for steps to begin a ethereum miner and where/how I can keep track of when ETH mining is shut down(as I’ve heard it’s been bound to for quite some time).

“Send me $50,000 and I’ll teach you how to make a step-by-step guide to making millions!”


Great summary of keybreak’s blatant financial advice

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