RPI4 video performance: EOS vs. RPI OS 64bit

I’ve recently installed EOS on my RPI4 4GB and and trying to compare video playback performance with respect to Raspberry PI OS 64bit. Using Chromium browser on both, Youtube 1080p playback seems to still be better on RPI OS 64 bit.

Are there different driver philosophies between the two OS’s? Is this proprietary code vs. open source issues?

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Can you explain in detail by what do you mean by better? Do you have some sort of metrics?

You can check /boot/config.txt to see if they are doing anything different from the kernel side.

Another reason might be widevine. Is it implemented by default in Rpi OS?

My simple test is to play a high quality video and force 1080P, turn on stats for nerds and look at dropped frames and jitter. There’s a youtube video that a RPI4 youtuber uses for comparison and I find that works as a good test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUwmWy-bumw

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thanks for letting me know. I have two different SBCs, I want to compare the difference in performance between the two.

I probably should mention that I chose Plasma as my DE when I installed. Not sure if that makes a difference

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I didn’t have a good experience using plasma on the Pi. Plasma probably needs a SSD on the Pi to perform well. This prompted me to do some research that u summarized here

I presently run MATE Desktop environment and I have a much better experience on it compared to plasma

I don’t own an ARM device, but doesn’t RPI OS uses LXDE? If that is the case, then it really does matter, I can imagine that Plasma or Gnome are demanding a bit more hardware-wise.

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choose only 64bits performance
phoronix tests suite offers all tools to benchmark and compare

yay -Ss phoronix
aur/phoronix-test-suite-milestone 10.4.0m1-1 (+3 0.00) 
    The most comprehensive testing and benchmarking platform available for Linux, milestone version
aur/phoronix-test-suite-git 10.8.2.r0.g59dd31383-1 (+14 0.00) 
    The most comprehensive testing and benchmarking platform available for Linux
aur/phoronix-test-suite 10.8.3-1 (+38 1.00) 
    The most comprehensive testing and benchmarking platform available for Linux

I have a stack of SSDs, so I’ll spin up an ARM EOS/LXDE to test.


Here’s the latest. Spun up a SSD with ARM EOS LXDE and installed Chromium browser. Using the youtube test video I referenced above, I forced 1080P and stats for nerds prior to going full screen and playing. I got a few dropped frames at the start but it played for most of the video without any new dropped frames. This is what I see on the RPI OS 64 bit. So the problems I originally saw were Firefox or Plasma related.