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It won’t save bandwidth though, since it’s dependency is whole Firefox - i imagine it just rastresize it’s web rendering…so everything will be downloaded anyways :upside_down_face:

However…lynx will


CIS. CompuServe Information Systems.


ahh that was the name I was looking for… I am not that old (I guess, age is relative) but used compuserve as a kid :grin:

how about getting time on university machines to telnet into text-base MUDs


Yes, that should be relative.

In my short life so far, the browser I witnessed was IE on windows 7 :joy:.

In my time, having a computer was luxury. I got my computer when I was in class 3rd or 4th. From that time, I am still using that computer on which I had installed EndeavourOS.

Back in the day, you were fairly anonymous online. I miss those days.


IRC (and most famously mIRC)
Flash animations
The modem’s song of communion with the world wide web.
Huge internet cafes with plenty of stations as not a lot of people had “the Internet”.

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“Internet Love Song,” from 1998, incorporating the sound of a dial-up modem:

Bad lyrics for a bad song, but they're historically interesting

F1 means I love you
F2, sorry I’ve got to go
F3 means I’m lonely
F4 means you know
F5 means I’m empty
I know exactly what you mean
F9, I can feel you
I’m touching my lips to the screen

Reach me on the e-mail
Fax a valentine
I download your affection
I’m caught in your web sight [gun sight, I guess; a pun on website]

In the virtual café
We drank 10 megabytes of wine
You were drunk and I got lucky
Cybersex tonight

[The music becomes louder at this point, and the lyrics harder to discern]

You clear your database file
And erase me from your memory

Except mine was in the military.
Also, Archie, WAIS (IIRC), BBS to talk about D&D, push banner software that provided you ticker type info (news, weather, sales…), LAN parties (Quake I & II).
While you had more anonymity, I feel that in those days I personally felt more connected with people from around the world than today. Many people were willing to listen and have heated but cordial debate, especially on D&D BBS’s/forums.

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Today’s Question(s) of the Day:

Who is your favorite movie actor or actress that you never get tired of watching?




Ingrid Bergman, Grace Kelly, James Stewart, Cary Grant.


None. I am more into characters they play. i.e. Jason Bourne, Jack Ryan, Neo, Trinity…

Al Pacino, Denzil Washington, Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicolson

classy GIF

Robin Williams (depending on the role) or Julia Andrews.

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Today’s Questions of the Day:

You meet your 13-year-old self, but you can only tell them 3 words. What do you say and why?

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P.S. Coz you have to be ready for :clown_face: :earth_africa:


Don’t buy bitcoin!

because I usually do the opposite of what I’m told.