⚔️ RoRo vs. Battle.Net: A New Hope

Saluations Friends!

Okay, as promised, I am going to start my saga and how I ended up with EOS in a roundabout way.

I like to game…After work, I would eat with the fam then go game until we needed to do something else.

On my notebook, I use to run PopOS and I had Lutris.

I was able to download Blizzard’s Battle Net and play my game of choice: Heroes of The Storm.

I played this game for months without any major issues.

If the issues came up, this was normally Blizz’s issues and they hotfixed them. There was one Linux based issue that came up yet someone smarterest than me posted a video fix.

Then D-Day happened…this week (approximately June 5th), I was able to play the game in the afternoon and when I tried in the evening. The game would not launch on Lutris.

My favorite game was handling me a big bag of NOPES whenever I tried to launch the game. I was crushed.

So what do you do when you have a gaming issue? You go to Reddit! :laughing:

I posted this thread and this thread to get help. I logged everything that happened and I attempted as solutions. No go. :sob:

This lead me to leave PopOS out of frustration of being unable to leave Hirute version to upgrade to the newest PopOS and to discover (see what I did there) EOS. You can read that thread here.

Now I have created a standard user account on my notebook. I will attempt to make Battle.net work and specially Heroes of the Storm (HOTS) to function again so that I can glorious say:

I hope you well join me in this challenge and I look forward to each of you celebrating our victory.

Thanks for reading!

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Late entry from the evening of 6/11/22:

Animated GIF

Alrighty then…

Relax GIF by LeVar Burton

I went to both the Gaming Wiki for :enos: as well as the sacred Gaming Guide.

First, I followed the SGG (sacred Gaming Guide) and researched on what type of graphics card my notebook has. I have a NVIDIA Corporation GM107 [GeForce 940MX] which is supports Vulkan. Yas!

Next, I used the mighty terminal and deciding to use the yay command to find lutris.

I spied this entry “aur/lutris-battlenet-meta 1.1.0-2” and I decided to install this first.

Next, I yay Lutris again and installed community/lutris

I launched Lutris and I remembered that Intelligent Linux Gaming Youtube channel had a older video on how to add a command prefix in the advanced options. The command prefix is for gamemode. I did this.

Okay…so far…so good.

Laugh Plotting GIF by Big Brother

I find Battle.net (BN) in Lutris DB by clicking on the + symbol in the top left.

I install and wait.

Lutris opens the file and Battle.net starts installing!

Battle.net shows an updating screen and the blue progress line begins…then it…stops midway and…


Er…I wait…and the progress still holds at a certain mark without moving forward.

Mmmkay…I close out the BN and attempt again.

The same thing happens.


The time was getting late yet I’m befuddled on why this happened.


Battle.net 1
RoRo 0

I plan to attack this again today, good Lord willing.

Maybe…uninstall the Lutris BN package, install BN, then install BN package? I’m not sure…just a theory.

Stay tuned. :tv:

Quick update…I may have figured out, by God’s grace, what went wrong!

Still testing…

I hope to have definite answers by tomorrow…there’s light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not a train!


Hey Friends,

After struggling to get Heroes of the Storm to work using Lutris (I had to download the Battlenet verison instead of the actual game), I was able to FINALLY get the game to work after I would get a DirectX error message whenever I launched the game.

The issue?

The end user needs to turn off DXVK and VKD3D.

Bam! It works!


When I play the game, it is uber laggy. :frowning:

I am running gamemode and even have the graphic settings set on low yet still lag.

Any suggestions on what troubleshooting steps I need to take?

The chronicles continue as I flesh out the issue more on Reddit:

Good luck hope you can get it up and running, it sucks when you can’t play a game you really like

Thanks, Smokey. Yes, this has been a “character building” situation for sure!

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It sure would be, I can only play older games at the moment on my computer but as long as I can play Tetris I’m pretty happy - still one of my favorite games ever

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