Rice of the Titans

Ever wondered how people make beautiful Rice. Just read from one of the r/user that the beauty behind his rice is mainly in configuring EWW (Elkowars whacky day). While lot is desirable for mine to be called one, just sharing to keep the ball rolling.

  • OS: EndeavourOs
  • WM: Qtile
  • Compositor: Picom
  • Widgets: None
  • Term: Kitty
  • Editor: Neovim (Lazy)
  • Files: Ranger
  • Launcher: Rofi
  • Notifications: Dunst
  • Colors: Mostly gruvbox
  • Background: EOS (not pictured)
  • Icons: Font Awesome

Please share only EOS rice here. Lets give r/unixporn a run for the money.


Nice one, but can you make picture “clickable” ? Can not enlarge it to see better :smiley:

Also maybe good idea to put configs, because I will be first to ask for them xD

And we already have a screenshot thread…


I want to agree and disagree with you the same time. Rice is not wallpaper :slight_smile:
you got very beautiful ones, making me suspect its OSX

how to make it clickable ?
just pasted the clipboard here :wink:
giving link to my config files.

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Use option for “upload” :slight_smile:
also edit link, it shows error


** Page Not Found **

Perhaps, you need to make it public first from within GutHopp? - Even when logged in I keep getting a titanic 404.

sorry, did not realise it . made it public.

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Ok, works now, thanks! :wink:

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both done

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not sure if it is good idea to change terminal colors according to the changing wallpaper

a quick way to rice and hyprland