Revisiting Plank once again in Cinnamon

Thinking I’ve deleted it initially after some tinkering I realized today I still had it installed and reinitialized it in Cinnamon. To my surprise it actually does work well and all my ‘favoites’ from my cinnamon menu panel are in the plank menu bar. When I move the mouse to the bottom of the screen low and behold I get the pop-up Cinnamon menu also where I can shutdown the system using that menu. So to my pleasant surprise it works rather well. My next question now is I’ve installed about a dozen plank ‘themes’ from AUR. Where and how can I select a different plank (icon-theme) from those I downloaded? Is their a way to see what they look like ? I don’t see any indicators in Cinnamon or in ‘Plank’ that would allow me to see and activate a new icon theme. Any help or insight would be appreciated.


@rich52 ,
As for the icons like these for a single user extract them to
you will see only the result

Plank themes from AUR go to
and from other sources extract to

CTRL+Right_click to Plank then Preferences is not a piece of news