Revisiting EndeavourOS: It's Not So Bad


Quite often I do wonder why we have to have a website if no one even is bothered to read the tagline on top, let alone the content.

Nonetheless, there is a new website design coming, perhaps just saying EndeavourOS with download links only, no explanation what you are downloading at all.
(I’m just joking of course, this is just me venting my frustrations)


Yes, that’s typical of this ‘reviewer’.


I know right and if you search with google the link even says it


I’ve just got halfway through watching that review and I had to stop. I couldn’t bear to listen to any more. Honestly does this guy actually know anything? If he was a newsreader he’d be telling us that he couldn’t understand why there are no unicorns in the forests and why there were no pots of gold at the end of rainbows! :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :roll_eyes:


I remember this guy, he couldn’t find the download link, i did point it out to him, errr…the word “download” was the give away. Maybe his issue is not finding the power button on his machine?

I wouldn’t worry about it. Linux reviewers are terrible in general. And this guy has made it his personal vendetta to be hands down the worst of the worst.

Actually if he doesn’t like something, it’s probably pretty good.


What a maroon! - Bing video

Which website?!


Probably the worst direction in which you could take EndeavourOS, would be to listen to this brainlet and take his “review” as some sort of constructive feedback.

Personally, I would do the exact opposite, things that annoy him, I would make more prominent, and things that he praises, I would phase out :rofl:


Dude instals “terminal centrict distro” and complains about lack of GUI software center. Wtf.

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He did he last time too. :rofl:

He’s literally the worst you tube Linux guy there is by a lot.

He is one those who distrohop every week to “fix” his issues with last one. I think that is also part of his content but it is pointless.

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And probably records his show on windows cause it never works.

Since there are no more emojis for a quick reaction, here is my posting especially for the guy who do this review:

:poop: :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:


I don’t know. This sounds pretty good to me.

Endeavour OS: A Linux distribution.


End of page.

To misquote someone famous -

Half the people will love it. Half of them will hate it. And the other half won’t have any opinion at all.

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I don’t mean to sound mean but seeing this guy makes me want to go for a walk or ride my bike. Also, I am glad EOS is not like what this guy wants it to be. I do not want a GUI package manager after having tried all of the options that have been around for arch and them having caused more issues than they solve. Also, EOS is a far better starting point for a freshly installed distro than arch install is. That little bit of polish and taking out some filler that arch install includes is a nice touch (specifically KDE).


Ideally no one follows that link. The key for YouTube producers is to get as many clicks/views as possible, beyond a certain number they make profit of it. Just saying.


Yeah i’m pretty sure that he’s not actually that…well…i mean it’s intentional negative attention strategy for a youtuber. You get into some highly specialized field, tell that everything you see sucks, while doing everything that is possible to prove that it’s you who suck and then just wait for them views and massive comment section blowup :laughing:

And it works, i’ve seen it many times before. People just can’t help it :clown_face:


That’s an “healthy” side effect :smile:

I should probably be trying to watch more of these reviews to get in better shape.
I think DT should work best in may case :rofl:

:man_walking:t5: :biking_man:t5:

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