Report of recent endeavouros - iso

Here my test results:

  1. iso starts fast and reliable in legacy and EFI mode
  2. Installer is easy to understand but failed creating new partition table on hdd. I must first delete mbr and existing partition table on command line using dd. If so: Installer starts its work with a nice little slide show :slight_smile:
  3. installation finished very (!) fast. Result is a bootable xfce installation with AURs enabled.


  1. creating a new partition table fails if there is a partition table exitent (not tested if there must be Linux partitions or not)
  2. I installed with activated WIFI internet connection and choosed “german” installation - all needed packages seemed to be downloaded and installed
  3. When starting the new system there is an error of updater “cannot download from url…” I can start update on console using yay -Syu - so there must be an issue.

Looks nice at this stage. Activatiing AURs in general is a good idea (I think) - I love it. Localization selection is nice, too (you can select a language and a location in seperate).
WIFI is working ootb.

I like it!


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