Removing webkit2gtk

Hello :slight_smile: I just noticed webkitwebprocess running, and have looked that up and seen it’s to do with WebKit2gtk. Not sure if I’ve installed something to bring that in, but I want minimum browser/personal system interfacing. I’ve looked up threads and seen that @ringo particularly mentions about this. May I ask a bit more about removing it? When I test removal it says that this will affect gnome-online-accounts, gthumb, liferea, yad, yelp and zenity. Is this only to do with any web interaction?

I’m running Mate, not Gnome.

You can see if anything depends on it with:

pactree -r webkit2gtk

If you are in doubt, feel free to share the output of the pactree command here.

In this case, it is probably yad which is used by the EOS welcome application


Thanks for response. Looks like it’s yad, yelp and marco, linked in with Mate, as well as to do with akm.

pactree -r webkit2gtk …
│ └─gvfs-goa
│ ├─akm
│ └─eos-bash-shared
│ └─akm
│ └─mate-user-guide
│ └─mate-control-center

Not too happy with the cloud storage bit I’ve just discovered re gvfs-goa either, lol

Yeah, that is going to be hard to remove as you will lose the mate-control-center

You can probably remove gnome-online-accounts if you don’t want that.

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You can try to replace yad with yad-gtk2 :slight_smile:

but if you gnome there is lot application use webkit is hard to do also…

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Yes, can’t lose the mate-control-center. Maybe the few recent Mate updates brought this webkit thing in; not sure. Fine with removing gnome-online-accounts; I’d always thought I had to keep that, for some unknown reason, so it’ll be good to delete that.

Thanks for response; will try yad-gtk2. Am using Mate, and a bit disappointed that this webkit2 is finding it’s way into that.

Just check the removal list first and make sure nothing important depends on it. :wink:

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Just removed gnome-online-accounts and luckily no dependencies at all, which was a surprise, lol.

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Out of curiosity, what is your concern with webkit2?

Marco need zenity … installing qarma-git will replace zenity
but thats qt :slight_smile:

zenity need webkit2gtk

Just want as clean and private a system as possible. Not keen on any browser/cloud/any kind of link between system and web.

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Thanks again, and, yes, don’t want qt either, lol.

pactree -r zenity
│ └─mate-control-center

Maybe if all settings are done, can then remove mate-control-centre … and the settings already done would remain?

qarma does not even much

these are depencies : qt5-base qt5-x11extras

even steam does use zenity also :slight_smile: and proton-ge-custom

is just what you want :slight_smile:

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Thanks for further advice. Glad to have been able to remove some things, and will consider a bit more about mate-control-centre and what to do. :+1:t2:

but remember these year and age more application are more build on a webbrowser style of engine.

like electron :slight_smile: or some does use electron but fused in there package…

gnome desktop dus use also those webbrowser technologie to show the interfaces… probably counts for cinnamon etc also idk… is it bad i dont know is always own opinion :slight_smile:

when using mate probably is not only mate-control-center , also marco and pluma…

becarefull :slight_smile:

marco use zenity , and mate-control-center is depended on marco.

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Yes, it’s a worry. More and more need to check packages and dependencies, and actually start to do removals. Being anti-IoT means a little bit of extra work, but it’s valuable to have as much desktop privacy as possible. :slight_smile: And, yes, thankfully Mate is the least bad, as far as I know, but the main developer is working for Gnome also nowadays? Could end up on Openbox at this rate! :slight_smile:

And, yes, difficult, as can’t do without marco/compositor.

Iot , thats webkit2gtk not for… is because there is more web developers then hard coders , to simplyfy it they use those engine to make a gui frontend of it… is not really a iot thing.

is just availibiluty of coders to bring enough coders in stock and programs. Desktop like gnome follows latest popular code currently css/html5 and rust as example. if you look coders on Xfce part is vert tin parted. and Mate is a fork of gnome, and does not its own zenity fork :slight_smile:

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Thanks for further info. Sorry, I meant any web/desktop interacting when I said IoT. Yes, in an ideal world for example Mate could run it’s own clean zenity and marco and control centre, and not have this webkit interface active.

I suppose there’s one consolation in this; ironically, unless I set Waterfox as default browser, in it’s settings, no links open up in Waterfox, but instead Spacefm opens. Hopefully other things redirect like that too, lol. (I know Waterfox isn’t good, but it’s the least bad I’ve been able to find so far).

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Iot is more for like ubuntu core , or fedora silverblue.

just a core, but you have to fill it with Flapack/snap.

is more a os for machines they can easily update while the base keeping small and stable. does not update it generally, thats iot mostly do.

you use it for terminals robots etc…