Remove dunst as a notify manager on KDE

Hi! Recently I installed dwm as my new DE/WM but also I’ve KDE plasma. So, I would like to go back and for from desktop to desktop depending on my needs. The problem is that in KDE the notify manager is dunst and I would like to use the default kde notification on it.

I read this forum entry to try to fix the issue but it is for i3 WM:

And also this one from Depin:

And this from an ubuntu forum but I can’t solve the issue.

Please, I would like to recive some help from the endeavour comunity.

Kind regards.

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you can try starting dunst in dwm and

As dunst is not using /etc/xdg/autostart desktop file or is running as a systems service and instead makes use of dbus-daemon … it seems not be possible to disable it as a service per session… but you can set it paused on plasma login and set it unpaused on dwm login…

dunstctl set-paused true
dunstctl set-paused false


how can one pause it at plasma login? little inexperienced in managing mutiple wm

dunstctl set-paused true
needs to be added as a startup script in plasma settings…
and welcome at the purple side indeed :enos_flag: @gluttony47

feel free to ask any question we will be glad to help!


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ok, This just worked for me :slight_smile: I am running kde-plasma main with i3wm as 2nd

go to /usr/share/dbus-1/services and rename the file “org.knopwob.dunst.service” to “org.knopwob.dunst.service.disabled”

reboot the computer and dbus will fall back on default kde plasma notification service.

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thank you for the warm welcome. I am loving eos - very light and still provides a nice aesthetics with all the necessary stuff ready out of the box. the community seems very nice. hoping to spend some time here and learn :slight_smile:

btw, pausing dunst service wasn’t really helping, even using the autostart script at login, but gave me some understanding of what to do. thanks

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