Default notifications daemon

After installing dunst it is used as the default D-Bus service for notifications instead of the Deepin daemon (while using Deepin). Is it possible to change that? I know that I can (re)move org.knopwob.dunst.service from /usr/share/dbus-1/services to avoid the conflict, but I am almost sure there’s another way. I don’t remember having this issue on my previous set-up, but I can’t remember anymore what exactly I did there.

Did you check in deepin system monitor?. I have not done this so am not :100: and am also doing an install atm so can’t check right away. Go to the services tab and see if you can disable the service and enable the other you want to use.

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Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I don’t seem to find anything related to dunst or notifications in general there :confused:

Also, I see dunst.service running when I do systemctl status. But can’t do anything with it.

systemctl disable dunst.service
Failed to disable unit: Unit file dunst.service does not exist.
systemctl stop dunst.service
Failed to stop dunst.service: Unit dunst.service not loaded.
systemctl status dunst.service
Unit dunst.service could not be found.
systemctl is-enabled dunst.service
Failed to get unit file state for dunst.service: No such file or directory

edit: got rid of the zsh’s right prompt in the terminal input/output copy-paste

Aaand after a reboot the dunst.service is magically gone and Deepin’s daemon is in use. I hate when this happens, still no clue what’s going on :confused:
Any input on how I can control that would be welcome, I would prefer Deepin daemon being used when I am using DDE, dunst otherwise (I use WMs as well).