Rank Distros you had Used

Hi, all the people in this community probably had used many linux distros in their life

So just list distros, you had personally used
And rank them

Here is mine

  1. EndeavourOS
  2. Arch Linux Gui
  3. ZorinOS
  4. Fedora
  5. Manjaro
  6. PopOS
  7. Garuda Linux
  8. OpenSuse
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For me… a ranking is far less clear other than the few that haven’t worked out well, really… but ok.

In Sort Of, Probably Order:

  1. EndeavourOS / SwagArch (sharing spot 1)
  2. “pure” Arch
  3. Manjaro / Fedora / OpenSuse Tumbleweed (sharing spot 3)
  4. Pop! OS
  5. MX Linux
  6. OpenSuse Leap
  7. (Any)buntu

That’s my top 10, at least atm.

Then there are things like Mandriva, which is the only distro I could not get to boot on my computer. Seriously, it would not function, and Siduction, which is cool until it breaks, and it will break, because it is running on Debian Sid built as a “true rolling” distro.


I have never used Mandriva either. Although not easy, I will try to set up my distribution usage order as well.

  1. EndeavourOS
  2. Linux Mint
  3. MX Linux
  4. Manjaro
  5. Kubuntu
  6. OpenSUSE Tumbleweed
  7. Debian
  8. Debian Sid
  9. Ubuntu
  10. Fedora

For me it was rebornos, never able to boot on my machine

@Beardedgeek72 Swagarch is discontinued right?


I’ve tested a lot, liked only a few, used only a handful as daily riders. These are in chronological order:

  1. Manjaro Mate
  2. Namib GNU/Linux Mate
  3. Archman Mate
  4. EOS Mate
  5. Manjaro Mate
  6. Manjaro Cinnamon

Yes, I’m boring. :sleeping:

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  1. EndeavourOS - fastest experience, no bloatware.
  2. Archcraft - comes with preconfigured WMs, helped me a lot with learning about configuring WM. Would prefer a cleaner install.
  3. Pop OS - easy install, easy of use, no need to configure basically anything. Love run with dedicated graphics right click option.
  4. Solus - tried because of budgie, nice and fast experience. But package manager and budgie are not my cup of tea.
  5. Elementary OS - Fast, reliable. Pantheon, my personal opinion, looks outdated. Almost no customization options. Strange problems with drivers, took too much time to solve.
  6. Ubuntu - almost everything worked out of box, bloated, not that fast.
  7. Manjaro - buggiest experience i ever had on any distro. Especially while using KDE. When using it i feel like everything will fall apart at any moment.
  8. Fedora - while loving it for clean experience it was by far a most non responsive distro with stuttering at every corner, probably has to do more with GNOME itself than Fedora.
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Didn’t we just have this thread? I feel like these ranking things have been coming up a lot recently. . .

I’ve tried probably 30+ distros. It’s simple.

  1. Arch
  2. Endeavour
    3-30. Everything else which is why I don’t use them daily.

Special Mentions for Linux Mint and Solus.

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  1. EndeavourOS/Arch
  2. Manjaro
  3. Debian
  4. Elementary
  5. Ubuntu
  6. Bunsen Labs
  7. Puppy
  8. Mint
  9. Fedora

    999 . Hannah Montana

    Last. CentOS
  1. EndeavourOS - the only distro where KDE and everything works perfectly (even in old hardware) because it is fast.
  2. Manjaro - the only Arch-based distro where my printer works, KDE laggy though
  3. Ubuntu - cool but I don’t like snaps, I prefer flatpaks
  4. Fedora - as much as I like this, wayland glitches, can’t stand the flickering screen
  5. KDE Neon - compositor suddenly stops working, idk why

It almost makes me wonder if they are requesting ‘rank’ distros - that really stink.

Guess I need sleep!

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I can rank them chronologically:

OpenSuse>Ubuntu>Kubuntu>Etc Ubuntus flavors> Debian > Linux Mint > Etc Ubuntus> OpenSuse> Fedora> back to Ubuntus> kde Neon?> back to Debian > ah discovered arch > Antergos > Ubuntus > Debian > Manjaro > EOS!


Nice rocky journey,:sunglasses: @Zircon34

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:grin: the general trend was debian based >> arch based distros with interim fedora/suse.

  1. Endeavour os
  2. Manjaro
  3. Solus
  4. Fedora
  5. Zorin os
  6. Linux mint
  7. Archcraft
  8. Opensuse
  9. PopOs
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  1. Endeavour os
  2. solus
  3. gecko budgie
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Disclaimer: No matter the rank, different distros offer different experiences for certain users depending on their software and hardware needs, and no matter the rank I also want to acknowledge that a lot of developers work really hard to provide these amazing distros for us. Now wth that said…

  1. EndeavourOS
  2. Pop!_OS
  3. Solus
  4. Fedora
  5. openSUSE Tumbleweed
  6. RebornOS
  7. BunsenLabs
  8. Nitrux
  9. Slackware
  10. Manjaro

I have only ever used one Linux distro so my list will be short

  1. EndeavourOS
  2. MX Linux
  3. openSUSE Tumbleweed
  4. Linux Mint
  5. Kubuntu
  6. Fedora
  7. Xubuntu

The only other one that I have used for a significant period of time (and would not do so again) is Manjaro.


I dont get it,

what is it?