Random turned on LED light on laptop!

This MSI laptop is so buggy when Endea linux is installed.

I never notice this power button light of my laptop is ever lighted up like this before. I just noticed it turned bright just now, after i recover from being locked out.
The other is “wifi on” light (which my wifi is actually off ), but let’s not care abt wifi light first.

This power button light is so bright almost red, disturbs me, especially when at night.
Is there way to turn it off or something i can do?


If the laptop doesn’t fully enter sleep mode, bluetooth and mobile light stay on and sleep light does not come on. Then try reinstalling TLP.


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Are you using an Nvidia video card? A quick search of the internet seems to suggest that the power light is orange when using Nvidia, blue when using integrated graphics.

Don’t take this as a definitive answer, I am rather busy at the moment so I only did a very fast and superficial search. But perhaps it can point you in a direction to further investigate.

Also, you might get more people familiar with your laptop on a forum dedicated to MSI, as this is probably something specific to that brand - none of my laptops (all non-MSI) change the color of the power button.

And finally, as a last resort, there’s always the option of a small piece of duck tape. :laughing:


Really??! i never ever notice this power button got 2 light color. maybe just i never pay attention to it

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I dunno, maybe. As I said, I just did a very fast search. But perhaps you can investigate the manual of your laptop and see what it has to say about the indicator light.


This turns off all led when i close lid (suspend). This LED lighted up issue is when the laptop is active.

Which model of MSI laptop is this?

Edit: Not sure if those buttons are part of the keyboard lighting? Does this laptop have backlit keyboard?

fn page up and fn page down control keyboard backlighting brightness on some MSI laptops.

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Laptop model is msi Gp602QE leopard. no keyboard backlighting. Fn page up and Fn page down is move cursor to Beginning of line and end of line.

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This is literally the first thing that came up in a search when I entered the quoted + turn off power led.

According to page two (2) of your user manual you need to go into your bios and check the settings there. Unfortunately no one can do this for you. :hugs:

Also apparently it is not supposed to turn red.

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I had an MSI not too long ago. Red was battery failure.


wow! I have not even know how to type the keyword to do search on such funny issue. Thanks for searching.
I just did a shutdown on linux and booted up win7. Now i know why i didn’t notice this light… when i boot into win7, the light turns to blue… which is not so bright.
And i also noticed the light, which was initially blue color on win7, then momentarary it turns bright red /orrange… , but most of the time it is blue color.
Some one on this forum said that because this laptop is hybrid, depend on which graphic card (nvidia or buildin) it uses, it changes color. I am now kind of believing it, otherwise why did it changes color sometime ? especially before it shutdown, it turns to red from blue then shutdown.

Also in the bios setting, there is not such button as in the url you gave me. There is no power management button at all… and i also didn’t find any option to disable the light.

Let the battery completely discharge by using it off the plug, then let the battery fully charge. I did that on mine and the annoying red light turned off.

It appears to be that i can only change the light color if i change the display card… maybe. But i don’t have time to change it now. I need to finish the timeshift thing first. have not even finish reading all the advices on the timeshift forum yet.

after i reboot, the wifi button light is off (which is suppose to be so, because i disable wifi on the os), but when i turn on the wifi, the led light also didn’t light up… :man_facepalming: so much minor issue… headache. no time for this now.

i will try that. thanks… but that would means, the os will have to be improperly off. i can’t try this now. i need to get timeshift and data backup installed and well done before i dare to try such thing.
As you all have know, this msi laptop is so incompatible with linux, so much bugs and things need tuning… if i have to reinstall again, i will rather step onto the laptop ! :sweat_smile:

It’s just the battery. It doesn’t affect your backups, just plug it in.

No. My batt is old, i have one time forgot to plug in and run endea linux on batt, by the time i realize it the laptop just off without properly shutdown. the battery is weak when low on charge… and maybe endea linux on shutdown when battery is critically low is not properly setup.

Take out the battery and just use your laptop by it plugged in
Don’t let Erythrophobia (greek origin word, means fear of red lights) get to you. Nothing will go wrong with your laptop, just do a full backup for your peace of mind.

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BTW, once you take out the battery and run it straight, the red light should disappear. I had the same problem with my MSI.

I just suspended the laptop and taken out the battery. it is still red color.
I bet it is due to Nvidia card is running… or just the indicator light is not correctly controlled. Just like the wifi light is wrongly turned on. and the mouse on/ off toggle hardware switch is wrong as well. blue tooth light also sometime is wrong as well.
Thats why i said msi laptop is not very compatible with linux… SO MUCH issues.! if i gonna install the laptop fresh again, i will have to repeat all these tuning Again! no way! tired.

I used to think wifi led is hard wire connected to wifi module, when wifi module is on, the light will auto on… so with bluetooth led and all other led indicator light… but now i know they are NOT hardwire connected.
Thats why i saw news said, hacker can spy on user with laptop own webcam, but the user won’t notice it… why not able to notice when webcam is on ? (usually webcam on will causes a bright light indicator to be turn on as well) because it is not hardwire connected, so hacker can disable the indicator light, yet turn on webcam to spy.