Random overnight crashes

Been running EndeavorOS for months, really enjoy it, but lately I’ve been having pretty regular crashes overnight. I leave it running, I expect it to go to sleep, and wake up in the morning, but I’ve had it where it’s crashed hard. Hard in that it’s a black screen, monitor won’t wake up, and I cannot SSH in to poke around and reboot it. I’m running i3wm if that matters, and my neofetch looks like this:

I’m very comfortable on the commandline, so I’d like to now how I can start to debug what’s happening in order to figure out a fix. I assume some journal commands or such? Any advice or questions appreciated. Thank you!

Try some different kernels. A number of systems are having issues with 5.12, and there is an open suspend bug on the Arch bug tracker.


I switched to Zen a month ago, do you suggest a different one? Or just the vanilla one? Thanks!

There are four kernel variants in the repos, so try each of them (linux, linux-lts, linux-zen, linux-hardened). linux-lts will give you kernel 5.10 again (which will likely work correctly until regressions in 5.12 are fixed), linux-hardened is currently 5.11, and if none of those work then there are the older LTS kernels in the AUR (and my kernel-lts user repository).

Just for reference, https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/70773


For ease of mind i’d suggest linux-lts, unless you need features of linux-zen or linux-hardened


I’ve switched to LTS and will update this in a few days, thank you!