Question about AMD Ryzen support

So I’m new to Linux, Arch specifically. And I decided to use EndeavourOS as my first Arch based distro after Kubuntu.

On Windows, there are AMD chipset drivers that you have to periodically install which provide support for new CPUs, also BIOS updates. But on here… how do I know that my Ryzen CPU is used properly?

I have a Ryzen 9 5900X, I’m on the latest BIOS for my board (ROG Strix B550-F) and I am on the latest stable kernel (5.14.5).

AMD says that their Ryzen CPUs are supported in “Ubuntu x86-64” but I’m not sure about Arch.

Is Ryzen support built into the kernel? Does the AMD microcode package provide Ryzen support? Or something else?

Drivers are in the kernel itself along with the amd-ucode package.

I’ve been using Ryzen with Endeavour & Arch for years now with no issues.






yeah no worries youre fine lol

You will generally see better support on Arch for newer hardware, AMD just doesnt validate it specifically for Arch but that doesnt matter.


This is my question as well?
I’ve got an Intel-based system (Dell XPS 9380) in which I could use fwupd to update the firmware. But in another AMD Ryzen -based (Lenovo Yoga Slim 7) I can’t. It is not supported byfwupd.
Have a look here to see if your system is supported or not:

If your hardware isn’t supported by fwupd you need to update it some other way. If the MB supports it, sometimes it can be done via the BIOS directly. If not, you may need to boot Windows to do the update.

Unfortunately this cannot be done on the particular machine I mentioned above.

It is now a Linux only system. The only time so far that there was an update for Bios after I bought that machine, I used Hiren’s BootCD PE to run the .exe update file. It worked rather well. I am not aware if there are other ways to do it.

That is exactly what I would recommend as well.


Nice to get it confirmed! Thanks!
I should be looking into if there is any new release of it. My copy is rather outdated by now.

Good to know, thanks.

some manufacturers offer DOS based methods, and many motherboards offer a tool in bios for it. Its gonna depend on the exact machine

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Welcome @anon78342405
You have some good hardware for Arch. Ryzen 5900X. What graphics card are you using with that?

An RTX 3070. I wanted an RX 6800 but they were all either $1000 or out of stock - so I grabbed a 3070 I found at MSRP. Can’t be a chooser during these times. Luckily proprietary drivers work flawlessly.

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For that particular machine I have only found an .exe file in Lenovo’s Support. I should look a little bit deeper into it.

Nvidia is usually pretty decent with keeping the drivers current. Just be aware that sometimes they can be slow so keep an eye out for if you should delay kernel updates.

The only other thing with Nvidia is usually laptops are funky at times but desktops mostly fine 9/10 unless something comes up bug wise but thats just how the cookie crumbles.

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It’s so hard to get top GPU this days - so it’s good luck to have 3070 still :upside_down_face:

it might be usable in DOS, Dell for instance makes DOS compatible exes for bios updates.

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I managed to get my 5700XT for 400$ literally 2 months before prices exploded lol

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Yeah. It’s a Gaming X Trio model so it stays cool & quiet, I’d say this was a miracle purchase… considering my 2070 had just died a few hours before buying it and I had no iGPU.

Uh, I like to update very often. Can new kernels not be compatible with NVIDIA drivers or something?