QuantWare - Soprano

This is both exciting and scary…
Could be game changer for stuff like password bruteforce :scream:

Deepak Chopra approves! :rofl:

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There are already algorithms that are resistant to quantum computing

EDIT : Imagine server farms on the dark side of the moon just to keep them cool for cheap xDD

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You probably mean the far side of the Moon. The Moon receives light from the Sun on both sides, the one facing the Earth and the one facing away from the Earth. It takes about a month between two consecutive sunrises on the Moon. :nerd_face:


Yup, Far side of the Moon, no sun = chilly brrrr xd
But realistically this solution might indeed be convenient xD

EDIT : Even tho I don’t remember the exact rotation and such there is a spot (on the poles?) which don’t receive sunlight?
In my previous comment I forgot that the moon has axis rotation xdxd