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hello friends a question for what can I use the applications qt assistant, qt designer, qt linguist, qt qdbus viewer, I really do not use them but I do not know if uninstalling them damages the system, I use xfce

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Thing is, those programs are part of qt framework / build system, it’s pretty hard to remove them unless your system is qt-free which is possible, but not easy (that’s KDE Plasma speaking in me :laughing: )!

You can remove qt all together, if you can realistically get rid of all programs / pacakges listed in “Required by” section of this command:

pacman -Qi qt5-base

P.S. Actually by default EndeavourOS XFCE seems to be qt-free, so you must have installed something you need that use qt which you’ll find out with that pacman command :upside_down_face:

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Arch doesn’t split packages so there’s no way to remove only specific components.

There’s normally a menu editor for your DE - you can use that to hide any unwanted applications.

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Could you show the output of command:

  pacman -Qs qt

Program pactree can show which packages depend on given package, e.g.

  pactree -r eos-bash-shared

what will be

Both only in AUR there is original alacarte in the repo but it is not 100% good on XFCE4

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