Qt 6.0 Released

Qt 6.0 Released

I am really excited to announce today’s release of Qt 6.0. It is the first release of a new major version, and marks a major milestone for Qt. We started working on the initial ideas a few years ago, and since then, have put a massive effort into creating the next generation of Qt.


So while Qt 5 relied on OpenGL for hardware-accelerated graphics, the picture completely changes with Qt 6. All of our 3D graphics in Qt Quick is now built on top of a new abstraction layer for 3D graphics called RHI (Rendering Hardware Interface). RHI makes it possible for Qt to use the native 3D graphics API of the underlying OS/platform. So Qt Quick will now use Direct3D on Windows and Metal on macOS by default.

I love how they mentioned ALL OS/platfroms :unamused:
So nice…So nice qt :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well i assume on Linux it will be Vulkan


LOL…the all encompassing QT.

As a result of this abstraction layering/3D business, it is promising better desktop styling, which gave me tingles. I am going into the change with optimism, and hoping I don’t end up with popped balloons. :balloon: :fireworks:

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There is also the license problem for KDE …

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Still? :scream: Wasn’t it somewhat resolved in the end?

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Then I must have missed that … :face_with_monocle:

Wow, this is huge, no?


One thing i pray for, is once it ready the transition will be smooth…
It wasn’t always the case :upside_down_face:


How will Arch handle this transition?

Currently both qt5 and qt6 packages are in the stable extra repo, but for how long given Arch’s rather ruthless bleeding edge rolling nature?

Is it up the package maintainers to decided which qt version to build against, or is this set by developers upstream?

No repo packages have been built against qt6 yet … there is this compat package which I assume will help when this transition begins.

extra/qt6-5compat 6.0.0-1 (qt6)
    Module that contains unsupported Qt 5 APIs

As for KDE I don’t think it will go anywhere near qt6 in the short to medium term, particularly after the qt5 -> Plasma 5 cluster-muckup, which should keep qt5 in the Arch repos for as long as needed, hopefully :crossed_fingers: .

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It will depend on the feedback for me, and as you question, if/how it is “forced” upon us. I do remember the roughness that was qt5’s initial entrance. :grimacing:

For casual user it would be wise to sit some month without going forward with qt6 probably, just in case… :upside_down_face:

Oh and one thing i’d like to see going with qt6 is Deepin, it will be a show! :rofl:

Actually Arch is tame compared to Tumbleweed. I like cutting edge, but when you implement something as important as Plasma the day it is released no thanks.

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I thought I remembered reading the KDE devs saying their switch to QT6 would be fairly agressive?

I thought the opposite, could be wrong though.

Arch users won’t get a choice, when Arch leadership and package maintainers decide to migrate qt5 packages to qt6 the only way to avoid is to not update.

Unless someone decides to create an AUR package.

There will be some qt5 abandonware also, noone to migrate the code base to qt6 for dead projects.


No KDE6 for quite a while, which is great news.

From KReddit Qt6 thread …


Remember that Arch has a testing branch as well. I imagine that if there are any huge show-stopping bugs, QT6 would be held there until it tames down somewhat.

EDIT - Ah, the QT6 packages are already in the extra repo - I had missed that little detail. Well, I have to think that the migration will be tested to at least some degree, due to the very real possibility of serious breakage.


Yep that’s what i mean, i can do that :upside_down_face: