Qbittorrent theme

Some time ago qbittorrent started to look like crap and stopped following KDE qt theme…

I thought it’s packaging issue or something, but since it’s not fixed…why?
Can it be fixed? :upside_down_face:

It is following my theme here on plasma.

Perhaps due to their transition to qt6?

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It looks good with Breeze Dark. The only thing that got broken was the tray icon, which is now coloured.


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Mine look like crap :man_shrugging:

It follows colors, but not the Application style, which in my case is default Breeze

tab style and buttons are definitely not Breeze

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Hmm…I wonder if that is related to your icon set. For me it looks normal:

Mine looks the same as yours.

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Oh,. then it’s utterly wrong, it was looking exactly like all other qt programs before, started about month or two ago i think…

P.S. I have icon like @Kresimir btw :frog:

Looks like it is, indeed, qt6.


Yeah, buttons are not Breeze:


I haven’t even noticed until now, and now it bothers me. :rofl:

So…It’s only a game of waiting then? :pensive:

@Kresimir perfectionist hell :sweat_smile:

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Most likely yes.

I have everything on default, except “Tray icon style” set to “Monochrome (for dark theme)” and this setting seems to be ignored:

I meant the iconset itself. Are you using breeze? If I switch my icons to breeze I get the same behaviour as you. I am using Tela Dark and I get the icon I showed you.

Have you tried installing the extra icons for breeze? Does that make a difference?

I’m using the default Breeze Dark icons. I used to have the correct monochrome icon in the system tray until a couple of months ago when some update broke it. I’m not losing much sleep over it…

I haven’t. I should probably give it a try…

EDIT: looking at the packages in the repos, I have breeze, breeze-icons and breeze-gtk installed. There is nothing else Breeze related in the repos, except breeze-grub.

I don’t care about it that much to install a package from the AUR.

I’ve been wondering why mine also burned my eyes lately being all white. Looks like this answers it, thank you.

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