Python update ! be aware to rebuild AUR builds using python
Last Updated: 2024-04-27 09:47 UTC
Optimus users per example will need to rebuild:

  • Optimus Manager
  • envycontrol

And a lot other apps will get a rebuild related too.


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Thank you for this. I had to fix my ddcci package because of this update and I’m worried that other packages are going to be broken, too. Is there one command that can rebuild all python packages at once instead of doing them individually?

Is there a way to find packages that use python? Or a command that lists packages from the AUR?

This should list all the packages that use python installed on your system. You only need to rebuild AUR packages though.

 expac -Q "%e %E" | grep python | awk '{print $1}'   

This will limit it to only AUR files:

 comm -12 <(pacman -Qqm) <( expac -Q "%e %E" | grep python | awk '{print $1}'|sort)

So far, so good. Upgraded (3) machines and the only glitch came from hplip - no surprise, of course. I can still print, but I can’t load any settings apps - hp-toolbox or from Cinnamon settings. I tried to make a few corrections in the python modules, but they didn’t help.

EDIT: got a fix here ==> Fix for HP Toolbox w/python3.12

No issues thus far but I have almost nothing on my machine

List packages that use python 3.12

> yay -Qoq /usr/lib/python3.12

Rebuild all packages that use python 3.12

> yay -S $(yay -Qoq /usr/lib/python3.12) --answerclean All

Dude you’re a wizard, I have to study this command, I have no idea what half of it means. Btw yay printed some of these as foreign already, not sure if it was all them.

how correct is this foreign checker? (I have already rebuilt legendary)

(3/3) Checking which packages need to be rebuilt
foreign	apostrophe
foreign	protontricks
foreign	python-vdf
[csaba@csaba-mini ~]$ comm -12 <(pacman -Qqm) <( expac -Q "%e %E" | grep python | awk '{print $1}'|sort)


This prints non AUR packages too.

EOS should already come pre-installed with rebuild-detector. If, for some reason it isn’t installed, run yay -S rebuild-detector. In my case, running that said “reinstalling”. So it was definitely installed already.

To use rebuild-detector, open your terminal:

  • Run checkrebuild to see which packages need to be rebuilt.
  • OPTIONAL: Use verbose mode: checkrebuild -v to get more information about why packages are flagged.
  • For a package that needs to be rebuilt, run yay -S package-name --rebuild . When it asks if you want to cleanbuild packages, answer “A”.

Rebuild Detector runs as part of every update and shows you the packages that needs to rebuilt.

Anyone running rebuild-detector and not seeing this needs to be paying better attention to the output from the update. There are often important messages in there.



Indeed. I just posted that for any new users or for those unaware for one reason or another.

indeed … only no one reads it output :wink:

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I hear ya. As I said above, I just posted that for any new users or for those unaware for one reason or another…

…or not paying attention. :wink:

Is rebuild necessary every time python updates ?

Typically only when there is a major update like 3.12 to 3.13. Smaller updates usually don’t matter.


Hmm, yeah I seem to be having issues with Borg/Vorta now. I’ll look into fixing it tomorrow morning

I couldn’t leave it alone and used yay vorta --rebuild and it’s working again. The proton-vpn-gtk-app isn’t working but that one I can actually ignore

I had to do some manual yay python-package_name --rebuilds to catch them all but now proton-vpn is working as well.

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