Pulseeffects not working

On my newly configured desktop (Ryzen 3200g, Realtel ALC892 audio), Pulseeffects is not connecting to the audio. Spectrum does not show, and of course none of the individual audio enhancements has any effect.

The same hardware works with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Also, there is no problem with Pulseeffects on my laptop (i3 based).

How do I find out why Pulseeffects is not connecting?

I think I was not clear. The status on Pulseeffects is:

Desktop - AMD Ryzen + ALC892, Endeavour OS - not working
Desktop - AMD Ryzen + ALC892, Ubunti 20.04 - working
Laptop - i3 4th gen based, Endeavour OS - working

If not you upgraded to pipewire, you most likely need to install pulseeffect 4 and remove 5 on the machine where it’s not working.

A little more here:


Thanks @HCHR. I am seeing the spectrum now in Pulseeffects after installing the legacy version that you suggested.

However, none of the sound effects can be activated. All sliders are greyed out. What could possibly be the reason, I wonder.

You will have to install the lsp-plugins package, and maybe the calf package as well depending on the effects you want to use.

@skaffen , thanks. Let me try and I will let you know the results.

No hurry.
: )

Sorry, I have been quite busy making my desktop work-worthy! Got very little time to follow this up.

I had initially installed the git version. And that gave the spectrum but plugin controls were all greyed out.

Subsequently I installed EOS with XFCE (earlier was Gnome). Also I selected the non-git version, i.e. pulseeffects-legacy from aur. That is working, so I am satisfied!

I also found that the calf and lsp-plugins were getting installed as part of the pulseeffects install, so missing plugins should not be a problem, IMO.