PulseEffects moved to PipeWire

I got an update yesterday to version 5.0 and I found out that PulseEffects “broke”. The app wouldn’t even open anymore.
I did a search today and I saw on its Github page that it moved to PipeWire. Now it says "Audio effects for PipeWire applications". So it’s PipeEffects now I guess.

Anyway. I installed gst-plugin-pipewire as it’s a new requirement now and the gui is opening again. But it’s not working (I’ve set an EQ there).
So in order to work I think I should move to PipeWire by installing pipewire-pulse (or build with the previous version).

PS.: It’s mostly an informational thread (for now anyway).


I installed pipewire-pulse, did a restart and now PulseEffects won’t open.

I think I’ll be busy in the morning :pensive:

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Seems to me Pipewire is where Wayland was for years:
“It’s SO much better, really, it just breaks everything except what is specifically built for it” which makes it a tool that you either have to embrace 100% or not at all.

This of course is only from what I can find online, but it seems that around Christmas, so a month ago, things that used pulseaudio like bluetooth headphones, sound in Firefox (basically 99% of Linux packages), and other things just… didn’t work properly, or spontaneously stopped working after a week.

(Another thing is that Pulseaudio itself didn’t really become mandatory until after I started using Linux, mid 2018. Standards move too fast yet too slow, it seems).


Hmm, interesting…Thanks for sharing!

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I have pipewire & pipewire-pulse installed on plasma. So far no issues but was wondering about pipewire-alsa? For those using jack there is also pipewire-jack?

It looks like there are some packaging issues. I recently packaged 5.0.0 (for me) based on the upstream PKGBUILD file and that works fine for me (although I did also add librnnoise support at the same time :man_shrugging:).

It looks like the Arch PKGBUILD needs a couple of tweaks to get it working with both Pulseaudio and Pipewire (i.e. have them both available/installed as makedepends).


It’s still possible to use pulseeffects with pulseaudio

Note for users that did not moved from Pulseaudio to PipeWire

From version 5.0.0 onward PulseEffects needs PipeWire. Pulseaudio users need to instal one of the 4.x releases or building a package directly from our legacy Pulseaudio branch https://github.com/wwmm/pulseeffects/tree/pulseaudio-legacy. Arch Linux users can also use the PKGBUILD on the same branch. This branch will receive updates for critical bugs as time goes by. So if PipeWire is not for you yet it is fine to use the legacy branch.

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Noticeable latency with the newer version, it doesn’t run in the background (that’s a relatively easy fix I think), some problems switching the audio source (between my mobo out and a usb card) while an application is playing audio.

I think I’ll move back for the time being (ver. 4.8.4). I’m not in the mood to fiddle around with various solutions.
Is there a proper way to do that? I haven’t packaged anything before.
In the AUR there’s a pulseeffects-legacy-git package for the previous version. Is it “safe” or I should package it myself (how)?



i just add this to be installed per default


I tried pipewire several times and it just randomly crashes all the time

Completely garbage for the time being. Maybe I’ll try it out again in the future

Again, sounds like Wayland in 2018 :wink:

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Weird. Pipewire itself has been solid for me. Pulseeffects 5 less so, but Pipewire has been fine.

I’m not having any issue with pipewire on kde.

A little bit. It runs rock solid here if you don’t change the setup. Switching between different sources esp. if it involves Bluetooth is not reliable though (moving all apps over to new output). On the other hand pulseaudio with BT wasn’t a complete joy either.

After a few weeks now I’m sticking with pipewire. The rapid development is encouraging too.


Probably pulseeffects that is causing all the problems with pipewire for me then

The problem is that I have to use pulseffects because my laptop doesn’t sound right on Linux without some major tweaks to the equalizer

I just downgraded to the old one on pulse audio. I’ll give pipewire another shot when pulseffects updates to the next version