Pulling the car...ahem...the grub out of the dirt

Hi there,

in my opinion it is time to award a special badge to our grub rescue team, especially @dalto and @sradjoker. Their patience and helpfulness is really incredible. Although I am not affected directly (booting via rEFInd from the very beginning of my install) I really appreciate their endless and professional support.

The thread title is roughly translated from the german saying “Die Karre aus dem Dreck ziehen” which means as much as “sorting things out”.


Yes, they’re superheroes! :superhero:

P.S. My meme ages well :rofl:


I wouldn’t even dare looking at the GRUB megathread. Well, at least we know EndeavourOS has a large userbase :grin:


Yes good on everyone who worked on this, great work


We’re all grub warriors, having survived this together as a community.
There are others, including @joekamprad and @ringo who helped others through multiple channels. Kudos to the community members who are too numerous to be listed here who also helped users without a bootable system.


Grub has some things in common with Microsoft Windows - it suffers from trying to be all things to all users. With, of course, the inevitable compromises with reliability that complexity can bring. Sometimes, it is the only answer for certain setups, though - I wish I could code well enough to create a ‘shim’ to handle encryption without it,

Anyway - am not much for gardening, so - as in my garden - I keep my systems as grub-free as possible!

Many thanks to those that have handled the latest situation so well, and so clearly that I could have fixed things if I had been vulnerable this time! Great work, you lot!

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