[PSA] KDE Plasma on ARM devices is borked

KDE has again decided that some package names need changing.

For existing ARM installs with KDE Plasma

The two packages which have name changes are:
kcolorpicker → kcolorpicker-qt5
kimageannotator → kimageannotator-qt5

When an update is attempted with welcome and yay you get

:: Replace kcolorpicker with kcolorpicker-qt5? [Y/n]
:: Replace kimageannotator with kimageannotator-qt5? [Y/n]

Enter y for both.

further along in the process you will get:

error : failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: removing kimageannotator  breaks dependency 'kimageannotator' required by gwenview
 -> error installing repo packages

If using welcome you will get

Press ENTER to close this window:

To resolve this, I did the following on two different installs and it worked fine

sudo pacman -Rdd kimageannotator

Go back and do the update. Then

sudo pacman -S kimageannotator-qt5

Doing the above strike through text will break gwenview.

For ARM new installations with KDE Plasma

Any attempt to install KDE Plasma on any of the EnOS supported devices, RPi 4b, RPi 5b, Odroid N2, PineBook Pro, or Radxa ROCK 5B will cause Calamares to fail.

All the images in /girhub.com/endeavouros-arm/images will have to be reissued to solve this problem.
Hopefully this will be done today and then finish tomorrow.

Existing x86_64 Plasma installs

On existing x86_64 KDE Plasma installs, pacman asks about replacing those two files. I answered y to both and the update finished without further intervention.

I have not tested to see if this affects an x86_64 Calamares install.


I am doing a test install with Galileo x86_64

The x86_64 Plasma test install completed without any problems.
I guess this is an ARM only problem.


I think I have run down the problem. Troubleshooting this revealed that creating new images did not fix this.

The problem is that gwenview has kimageannotator as a dependency. From the Archlinux ARM extra repo

Gwenview still has kimageannotator as a dependency, it should be kimageannotator-qt5 which is what Archlinux x86_64 packages section shows.

I have reported the problem in the Archlinux ARM forum.



I’ve never used KDE plasma on my pi 400 as i found it just didn’t work well like xfce. Can you use Wayland on it? Maybe that would help? :man_shrugging:

Running Plasma / Wayland on an Odroid N2 still has the problem.
The good folks over at Archlinux ARM need to update gwenview and hopefully that will solve the problem


I ended up downloading the Archlinux x86_64 gwenview source and edited it to compile to aarch64. I put gwenview in the EnOS github aarch64 repository.

If you followed the instructions in the Original Post that have been struck out, just
sudo pacman -Syu
and it will fix it. As long as the Enos repository is listed first in /etc/pacman.conf

New installs should also work now. I am off now to do some test installs to make sure.


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Could the Wayland issue have anything to do with this?

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Thanks for the suggestion, but I am sure they are separate problems.

Archlinux ARM has issued a current version of gwenview, it is in their repos, and it tests OK.



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